Saturday, December 20, 2008

LFR - The Black Knight of Arabel

To date, Bryan and I have played in two "Living Forgotten Realms" games. We signed up through the Warhorn site, after learning of it through the LFR Nashville Yahoo Group.

12/20/08 - The Game Keep
Module CORM-1 - "The Black Knight of Arabel"

Rhogar (Bryan) - Level 1 Dragonborn Fighter (GreatAxe)
Voranna Elun (Matt 1) - Level 1 Eladrin Ranger (Archer)

The maximum number of people showed up for this game, so the DM ran it under a harder difficulty, which meant more XP at the end. This session had a lot more roleplay aspects to it than the first one, but LFR is still a combat game. We did a lot of running around the city and asking people questions, and I even got to fix an old woman's roof. It required an Athletics check and an Acrobatics check, both of which Voranna is trained in. The DM said it was the first time in his experience that a player had succeeded in both checks.

So there was at least some story factor this time. In fact, at one point we started to get so far off track, that the DM had to subtly guide us back to the storyline.

The funniest thing to happen this session - There was a NPC donkey present at one of our combat encounters. One of the monsters tried to walk behind the donkey, causing the donkey to kick (attack of opportunity). The donkey rolled a crit, killing the monster instantly.

It's difficult to explain this without spoilers, but at one point we met a cursed man (think Ghost Rider), and we helped him to break that curse. The final encounter took place in a church (IIRC), and the boss was up on stage. I used my teleport ability to get up on stage, but was immediately knocked back off the stage by one of his spells. That hit was the most damage I've taken in the LFR games so far. I even had to use my second wind. But we survived, and someone else got to be the hero this time.

We each received 560 XP. We both took the same rewards package: 175 gold.