Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Character: Malta

This is my character in the Ozcroft campaign.  I already went over her stats and career path in an earlier blog, so this is just extra details.

Full Name:
Malta Klonk

Home Planet:




Crew Position:
Chief Engineer & Ship's Steward

Baron Ozwald Haff (Employer), Dr. Melinda Warren (Personal Doctor), Dreya D'Nalor (Crewmate), Lord Kendrick Meadowcroft (Employer), M.C. "Jester" Slate (Crewmate)

Malta was once a really good student who showed a lot of promise, but her adult life has been filled with career-ending clumsy mistakes.  Her job as a field researcher ended when she almost crashed a research vessel into a moon.  A few years later she lost a job and her eye simultaneously, while running with scissors to help her boss on whom she had spilled coffee... let's just say it was a bad day.  (More specific details in the "Character Creation" blog.)  She is now the engineer for a trading ship called the "Unchaste Harlot", where she hopes to never run into anyone from her past.

Fixing the Jump Drive

Personality, Mannerisms, and Appearance:
Malta has a petite build.  She has black hair, which she keeps cut short (with her propensity for accidents, having long hair around engines would be asking for trouble).  She is missing her left eye, and wears an eye patch.  He has a tribal tattoo on her right bicep from her drifter years.  Malta is clumsy, and can often be seen tripping over her own feet or dropping things.  Despite her past failures, she has an optimistic personality.  When she think she is alone in the engine room, she often talks to the engines, which she considers to be her only true friends.

Nicole De Boer (I added the eye patch)
Creating the Character:
No beating around the bush here:  I rolled horribly.  I crashed and burned on three careers.  Major disaster, minor disaster, major disaster.  After losing an eye in the third career, I figured I would quit while I still had all my fingers.

We were asked to pick a TV celebrity to inspire our character, in order to flesh them out and give each other something to picture.  I had trouble finding one at first.  Someone in the group suggested Molly Shannon, but she wasn't quite what I was looking for.  Being the ship's engineer and picturing a somewhat bubbly personality, I was wanting something closer to Firefly's Kaylee... but I dismissed that for being a little too "on the nose" (many people already consider Traveller the "Firefly RPG").  It was my wife who finally suggested Nicole De Boer, and it clicked the second she said it.  Personality-wise, she's still probably a little bit Kaylee, or maybe Amy Wong from Futurama.

Miniature: Human Engineer (Star Wars - Dark Times #29)

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