Saturday, March 3, 2012

Character - Flora

This is my newest character in the "Unlikely Heroes of Darkmoon Vale" campaign.

Full Name:
Flora Oakwillow






Animal Companion:
"Fauna", Displacer Beast

Flora is one of many Fey creatures that protect the forests of  Darkmoon Vale.  Ever since she was a sapling, she has lived in the woods near Falcon's Hollow.  After the Unlikely Heroes defeated the evil fey at the nightmarish carnival, the Fey Queen requested that Flora serve them as a reward.  At first Flora wasn't sure about leaving her home to go off with these people she didn't know.  But she always obeys the Fey Queen's orders, so she made like a tree and, um, left.

Personality, Mannerisms, and Appearance:
Flora is often intrigued by the odd behavior of "civilized" humanoids, and this curiosity led her to accept duties closer to society.  However, she fears traveling too far from the forest (after all, she has roots there).  Flora loves nature and protects plant life whenever she can.  She has an extreme fear of fire, and isn't particularly fond of termites.  Her hobbies include gardening, archery, hiking, exploration, and standing perfectly still in the sun for long periods of time.  She often travels with her pet Displacer Beast, Fauna.

As a Hamadryad, Flora's appearance changes somewhat depending on what aspect she chooses to present.  At times she looks like a beautiful young nymph with flowers in her hair.  Other times she looks like she is carved from wood, to the point where she can be mistaken for a wooden mannequin if she stands still.

Creating this character:
After Dalia died, Rusty and I tossed a lot of ideas back and forth, and discussed which classes we hadn't seen played very often.  Neither of us could remember seeing anyone play a Seeker, so I thought I'd give it a try.  Since then I've done a little research, and found out just why Seekers aren't very popular.  They're not particularly powerful or effective, and there hasn't been a lot of support for them in the splatbooks.  But I've never been much of an min-maxer, so I don't mind.  Unlike my last group, this one doesn't have a judgmental optimizer who questions everyone's design choices.  It's nice to have the freedom to play a character built with roleplay in mind.  Flora's not necessarily a class the party really needs at the moment, but I hope she at least makes things interesting. 

Regarding race, I've always wanted to play some sort of fey creature.  We had just finished dealing with the Fey Queen, so this was a good time for a fey character to enter the party. 

Mini - Nentyar Hunter (Underdark #20/60)

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