Monday, March 14, 2011

Character - Kryla Bloodfang

This is my current character in the Temple of Elemental Evil campaign.

Krylanna "Kryla" Bloodfang


Sorcerer (Cosmic)








Although she comes from a long line of proud dragonborn warriors, Kryla Bloodfang was different right from the start. Even her egg was marked with unusual patterns resembling planets and stars. While others in her family trained to be soldiers, Kryla had a natural talent for spellcasting. Her family never understood her fascination with astrology and magic, and Kryla left her home early so she could pursue her interests without being pressured to join the militia. Her parents sent her brother, Rhogar, to find her and bring her home. She's run into him a few times since then, but he hasn't been able to convince her to return home. (Nor does he really want to, as Rhogar is enjoying his travels as well.) Kryla believes she is destined for something great, but has no idea what. She now wanders from town to town, hoping to find her life's purpose.

Personality, Mannerisms, and Appearance:
Kryla is outgoing and enjoys the extra attention that her species often receives from other races. She loves studying the behaviors of other peoples, and will sometimes say or do shocking things just to see the reaction. Whether for the greater good or just for fun, she often attempts to manipulate people through kind words or intimidation.

She has gold scales and red eyes. She is thin for a Dragonborn, but tall, and usually stands out in a crowd. In order to turn even more heads, Kryla enjoys wearing garish clothing, in a large array of bright clashing colors. She often passes the time by singing ancient songs of her race. She also likes to dabble in fortune-telling, but her predictions aren't usually any more accurate than random guessing. It is her own divinations that led her to believe that she has an important future ahead of her.

Even though Kryla rejected her clan's predilection for close combat, she still embraces their attitude towards honor. She is highly motivated to do the right thing, and has no problem risking her life to help others. Her self-foretold destiny enhances her courage - she doesn't believe it is her fate to die until she has accomplished something historic. Even with this possible delusion, she's still rational enough not to tempt fate by doing something outright stupid. After all, fate can always pick a new hero if it needs to.

While Kryla has done some research on magic, as a sorcerer her abilities are more innate than learned. She's a "learn by doing" type of caster, always ready to experiment even if the situation is risky. Because she is an acid-spitter (as is the rest of the Bloodfang clan), she has a special interest in acid-based spells.

Creating this character:
Kryla was one of the characters I played in LFR. I only got to play her for a few sessions before I stopped attending LFR. But I really enjoyed the Dragonborn Cosmic Sorcerer build, so I decided to import her into our new campaign.

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