Friday, May 6, 2011

Character - Calla Noble

This is my new character in the Temple of Elemental Evil campaign.

Calla Noble


Fighter (Essentials Knight)







Calla Felch was born in the slums of Urnst. Her mother was an alchoholic prostitute, and her father was con artist who made a living forging documents. From an early age Calla vowed not to grow up like them. Some local pirates (friends of her father) taught her how to handle a sword, and she learned quickly. As soon as she was old enough, she travelled to Furyondy to join the Swordsman's Guild. Using papers her father had once forged for a con, she joined the Guild under the name of Calla Noble, and eventually became one of the honorable Knights of Furyondy.

During a mission to investigate the rumors surrounding the Temple of Elemental Evil, her squad was attacked by gnolls.  She was knocked out during the battle, and the gnolls probably assumed she was dead.  As the only survivor, Calla should have gone back to Furyondy to report the disaster. However, she is determined to complete her mission or die trying.

Personality, Mannerisms, and Appearance:
Calla is honorable and brave, but she can also be stubborn and hard-headed. She is embarrased by her early upbringing, and works hard to keep her parentage a secret. Though she has truly earned every accolade she has received, she still worries that she's living a lie. She constantly pushes herself to accomplish more great deeds, so she can earn the right to be proud. Her worries are probably groundless at this point. It's doubtful that her superiors continually re-check the backgrounds of each of their troops. As far as they're concerned, a sword is a sword, and they need all the soldiers they can get. Nevertheless, the fear of discovery haunts her.

Calla has black hair and brown eyes. Despite a few battle scars, she has above-average beauty. Her social graces, however, could use some work. She tends to be single-minded, and is often perceived as rude.

Creating this character:
I built a version of Calla a couple of years ago, as a Guardian Fighter.  This was back when there was only one PHB.  She was intended to be my second LFR character once Voranna reached the next play tier.  But by the time Voranna reached level 5, there were more classes out there to choose from, and suddenly a plain ol' fighter just wasn't as interesting.

I have a tendency to play support/ranged characters, but I've been in the mood lately to play something more tanky.  So I'm going to give this a shot, and see how I like it.  If she dies right off the bat, I've also worked up a couple of other characters as backups.

The background is slightly stolen from "A Knight's Tale".

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