Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Character - Vex

This is my new character in the Pathfinder "Unlikely Heroes of Darkmoon Vale" campaign.

Full Name:
Nishallivexiania "Vex" Corman








Lawful Good


Vex has no memory of her parents, having been given over to the monastary as an infant.  The monastary itself knows few details, and has told her even less.  All Vex knows is that she's the child of a human soldier and an elf maiden.

Vex sometimes wonders why her parents left her.  Was theirs a forbidden love, an illicit affair that had to be kept hidden?  Were her parents killed, just barely getting Vex to safety before succumbing to their wounds?  Was her father part of an evil invading army, who took her mother's innocence as part of the spoils of war?  Or perhaps her mother was the aggressor, tempting Vex's father away from his family like a libinious nymph, and later abandoning her offspring to free her for more conquests.  Maybe they were royalty, and Vex was kidnapped as part of a ransom scheme that went ended badly.  Or perhaps they simply felt their relationship was a mistake, and simply didn't want the hassle of raising a mixed-breed child.

Whenever Vex finds herself wondering about her origins, she always comes to the same final conclusion:  "Stop letting you mind wander, you nitwit!"  Because if her monastic upbringing has taught her anything, it's that idle speculation benefits no one. 

Vex has spent the majority of her life at the monastery. There she has learned to focus her strength to a degree that others often find surprising. But while she is one of the stronger members of her order, she's had difficulty cultivating the wisdom she needs to temper that strength. Try as she might, she has never been able to focus her mental energies as easily as she commands her fists. Also, her masters are bothered by the amount of pride Vex seems to have in her power, and would like to see her learn a bit of humility. For this reason, she has been asked to leave the monastery for a while, on a quest for self-improvement. They hope that the difficulties she faces out in the world will cause her to develop her skills out of necessity.

Just a few months into this journey of enlightenment, she was exploring a Dwarven monastery with some other adventurers, when she was bitten by a large spider. This spider's venom sapped a lot of her strength. While Vex is distressed at losing her greatest asset, and hopes to recover as quickly as possible, she also sees this as a humbling experience that could be good for her.  It could be an opportunity for her to rely on her other attributes, instead of solving all her problems with her fists.  After all, one must often suffer in order to learn.

Personality, Mannerisms, and Appearance:
Vex believes in staying focused on the task at hand, and dislikes chatter. She feels that her time is not to be wasted, and all waking moments should be spent bettering herself. While her companions might stop to talk about the weather or to compliment each other's choice of clothing, Vex spends her free time meditating or practicing her combat skills.  Her goal is total perfection in mind and body.

While Vex generally feels that hobbies are a pointless distraction, she does collect religious artifacts.  She is often curt and to-the-point when talking to other adults, but she has a soft spot for children.
Vex gets her dark skin and hair from her father, and she has her mother's green eyes.  She has a tattoo of a crane - the symbol of her order - on her left forearm.

Creating this character:
Vex was a character I played briefly in NeverWinter Nights.  That version was an Elven Monk who couldn't speak due to damaged vocal chords.  I am halfway considering having this version of the character eventually take a vow of silence.

Unfortunately I rolled badly for Wisdom, a key stat for Monks, but I'm trying to make up for it as best as I can.  I briefly considered making her a Dwarf for the stat bonuses, but one of the reasons I'm in this campaign is to get away from 4e's insistence on min-maxing.

I couldn't find a mini I really liked.  The closest I could find is the Whirling Steel Monk.  As usual I let my mini choice influence my character's appearance.  Due to the mini's skin tone, I've decided her father's bloodline comes from the Pathfinder equivalent of Asia or Kara-Tur.

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