Monday, May 27, 2013

Character: Danica Branford

This was to be my character in our aborted "GURPS" campaign.

Full Name: Danica Branford
Occupation: Inventor
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"

Advantages and Perks: 
Independent Income, Intuitive Mathematician, Mathematical Ability, Quick Gadgeteer, Signature Gear (Beam Pistol), Single-Minded, Versatile

Disadvantages and Quirks:
Absent-Mindedness, Clueless, Curious, Obsession (Harness the Power of Light), Long-Term Goal, Social Stigma (Second-Class Citizen: Woman), Squeamish, Workaholic

Background and Personality:
Danica is an scatterbrained inventor, who specializes in useless useful weapons.  Want a gun that only fires at night?  She can build it.  A bicycle that folds out into a sword?  She's on it.  A crossbow that fires pies?  Just give her an hour.  Sure, there's no point, except to prove that it can be done.  Once she has a project, she is completely focused on it, to the point she doesn't notice the world around her.  When not working, she's always thinking about her next project, again failing to notice the world around her.

Creating This Character:
We spent a session deciding what our GURPS campaign would be about and creating our characters.  To choose our campaign setting, each member of our group got to pick one of the system's hundreds of world books to use as inspiration.  As a result, our campaign was going to somehow involve the Napoleonic Wars, Steampunk, Martial Arts, and Dinosaur Hunting.  Interesting mix.  Since I was the one to suggest in Steampunk (actually Ted suggested it first, but when he changed his mind I made it mine), I wanted to make a character who reflected this choice. 

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