Sunday, November 20, 2011

Character - Dalia

This is my new character in the "Unlikely Heroes of Darkmoon Vale" campaign.

Full Name:
Dalia Lockwood






As a teen, Dalia lived a charmed life.  She wasn't from a wealthy or prestigious family, but somehow she was unusually popular with her peers.  Doors were always opened for her, both literally and figuratively.  She never thought much about why, she just figured she deserved it for being pretty.  The idea that she might have some latent mental powers, and that she might be subconsciously influencing people with her mind... well, her thoughts just didn't run that deep.

When she was twenty, she met a soldier named Duncan Cwyburn.  He was an officer of the Eagle Knights, a militia devoted to justice.  She was surprised to find that he was immune to her charms.  What's more, he recognized her psionic abilities for what they were, and convinced her that she could be more than just a pretty face.  She joined the Knights, where she learned to control her psionic abilities, for battle and for defense.  More importantly, they taught her to be a responsible person, instead of a petty socialite.

Dalia has always had a knack for the healing arts, so her primary training is in the field of combat medicine.  Two years have passed since Dalia began her training, and her superiors have decided it's time for her to get some field experience.  Recently stories have begun to spread about a group of busy adventurers in Falcon's Hollow, and their refusal to cooperate with the unscrupulous aristocrat Thuldrin Kreed.  The Knights have been eying Kreed's suspicious dealings for a while, but have neither the evidence nor the legal power to take any action against him.  Perhaps these new adventurers might know something?  Dalia has been sent to check it out.

Personality, Mannerisms, and Appearance:
Dalia has red hair and attractive features.  As a representative of the Eagle Knights, she is the epitome of courtesy and chivalry.  Her psionic-enhanced empathy, combined with her social training, sometimes allows her to gain control of conversations in order to get what she wants.  When insulted, she keeps her temper in check, and responds with the civility one would expect from a knight.  In short, she's nice... until it's time to not be nice.  Once things turn physical, she has no qualms about smashing faces and severing limbs.

Creating this character:
This character came together pretty much by itself.  I rolled her race and class randomly to get Human Ardent.  Our party has been greatly lacking a healer, so I mostly took healing options when building her.  I picked the "Knight Hospitaler" theme and the "Surgeon" background, after which her combat medic background practically wrote itself.  Going through my miniatures, I only found one that really fit the build, so I based the character's appearance on the mini.

Her name also sort of evolved by itself.  I wasn't really thinking about names while building her, so I kept calling her "Ardent" in my head.  Subconsciously this evolved into "Dale", probably because of Flash Gordon's "Dale Arden".  But I didn't really like the name Dale, so I morphed it into Dalia.

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