Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rifts 2112: A Gorilla Riding A Dinosaur. Your Argument Is Invalid.

Game Date: 1/12/2013
Campaign: Rifts 2112, Session 3
System: Savage Worlds
DM: Rusty   

Emma Snow (Star): Medic
Jim Bagg (Cliff): Military Reserves
Sgt. Malcolm Reynolds (Ted): Active Military
Terri Bolton (Matt): Mechanic

Previous Sessions:
Session 1 Session 2

The Story So Far...
Apparently the Mayans were right.  One night in late 2012, the world just suddenly starts to fall apart.  The entire planet is simultaneously plagued with earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, tidal waves, super storms, dogs and cats living together...  it's a real mess.  Our characters work for FEMA, and our team has been dispatched from Atlanta to see what's happening in Charleston.

After making our way through a lot of devastation, we learned that Charleston was underwater, and that people were disappearing all over.  In the tiny town of Branchville, we found out the source of the disappearances.  Otherworldly creatures invaded the town, and captured half the citizens.  We fought the aliens until they finally left, though we suffered some injuries in the process.  We recovered some of the aliens' weapons, but we soon discovered that Emma was missing.

Today's Session:
After the big battle, we limped back to our encampment, looking for our medic to fix up our injuries.  But the encampment was wiped out, and Emma was gone.  While we pondered where to start searching for her, we saw some movement in the woods.  From the trees came a gorilla... riding a dinosaur.  He was accompanied by three robot dogs. 

It was a battle we could not win on our own.  Most of our attacks bounced harmlessly off our opponents, and each of us sustained multiple injuries.  Terri was hit by a rocket launcher, and Mal got chewed up by the dinosaur.  When it looked like we were goners, Emma showed up with a new friend.  Our medic was wearing a collar, which was chained to an insectoid alien wearing power armor.  Our bug-like ally managed to turn the battle around, and we finally defeated our enemies.

After the battle, Emma patched up most of our wounds and filled us in.  The insectoid was of a different faction than the other aliens, and he had apparently captured Emma to save her from the evil ones.  With a decent Persuade check, Emma convinced the insectoid that she had useful skills he would need, and that he should help her save her friends.  The bug was unable to speak our language, but he seemed to understand us when we spoke.

The insectoid gave the rest of us some gold collars.  It took some convincing to get us to wear them, but we finally relented.  Collars in place, he teleported us to a large complex.  He led us through some tunnels, where we saw more of his kind, finally taking us to a room with other humans.  These people were from Greece, and only a few of them spoke English.  They told us that the bugs had rescued them from the apocalypse.  They didn't know about the evil aliens, only the natural disasters.

While there, we visited the medical bay.  Mal, who had received the worst injuries in the last battle, was given some cybernetic parts.  After we rested, the bug showed us a globe of the Earth, and tried to explain the situation.  We inferred that we were currently in a ship hovering above London.  We saw that there was a new continent, about half the size of Australia, somewhere South of Florida.  This new landmass was created by the evil aliens, and its creation was probably what caused the other planetary disasters.

The insectoid gave us access to some weapons and armor, and led us to some sort of vehicle.  We're not sure if it flies or floats or what, but we believe the alien wants us to take it to the new continent. 

All of our characters "Advanced" (leveled up), so we need to make sure all our characters are upgraded before next session.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping you have a wonderful new year without any alien invasions or other apocalypses.