Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hogsmeade - The Village of Hommlet (Part 1)

Game Date 11/7/09

Kuna Serpentooth (Matt) - Level 4 Dragonborn Fighter
Gar (Bryan) - Level 4 Shifter (Longtooth) Ranger (2 Weapon)

NPC Companions:
Furnok - Dwarf Bolter
Terjon - Priest of Pelor
Spugnois - Tiefling Heretic

We didn't have a full group, and we were mainly in the mood to let Misty practice her DM skills. So Bryan and I rolled up a couple of level 4 characters. We gave each character 500 gold, one +1 armor, and one +1 weapon. We started on "The Village of Hommlet", a module we received free in the mail for being registered DMs. This module involves the town near the legendary Temple of Elemental Evil, and was written as a prelude to the eventual 4e re-release of ToEE. It's not a full module so much as a mini campaign setting, telling all the details of the town, with a few short quests.

Upon arriving at Hommlet, Kuna and Gar poked around town for a bit, looking for jobs. We met several interesting townsfolk, before we were hired to examine a nearby moat house rumored to be full of bandits. On our way to the moat house we were attacked by giant frogs, which had the ability to swallow us. We each spent half the battle inside the gullets of frogs. And I thought they smelled bad on the outside. On the plus side, Gar found a magic sword in their pond.

At that point we knew we wouldn't be able to tackle the moat house alone, so we headed back to town to rest up and hire some sidekicks. We got three takers, and the five of us headed back to the moat house to kick some bandit butt.

We fought a fairly large battle - 9 bandit archers, 2 bandits, 1 bandit leader, and a drake. But most of the enemies were low level and easily dispatched, so we survived. Afterwards, we explored until we found all possible treasure. We found a set of stairs leading to a lower level, which Gar discovered was full of more enemies. However, we didn't have time for another battle, so we went back to town with plans to return soon.

Since this session was just for practice anyway, we may or may not make that return trip. If we end up in the exact same situation again - where Rick is the only one who can't make it - it's a definite possibility.

XP Rewards:
Frogs - 800/2=400
Moathouse - 879/5=175
Total 575, bringing us up to 4325.

Other Rewards:
Various Gold, Silver, and Platinum (and an ivory box) totaling about 87 gp, which came to about 17 gp per party member.
Frost Longsword +2 (Gar)
Cloak of Resistance +2 (Kuna)

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