Saturday, December 19, 2009

LFR - Sense of Wonder

12/19/09 - The Game Keep
Module CORE1-3: Nelanther Isles: Sense of Wonder (Low Difficulty)

Characters (from my group):
Rhogar (Bryan) - Level 3 Dragonborn Fighter (Great Weapon)
Voranna (Matt 1) - Level 3 Eladrin Ranger (Archer)
Lia (Misty) - Level 1 Eladrin Wizard
Also in the group: Another fighter, another wizard, and a cleric.

This module has been out for a while, but we missed it the first time. I still don't want to spoil much, but we got to help an annoying Gnome, and we went sailing.

The best part of this adventure was that almost everyone at the table was a Doctor Who fan, and the final battle was against a lot of robot-like enemies. So we were making a lot of Dalek/Cybermen references.

475 xp and 75 gp each. Voranna also took Bracers of Perfect Shot, Lia took a Cloak of Resistance +1, and Rhogar just took the additional gold reward of 50 gp. Voranna reached level 4.

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