Saturday, September 18, 2010

Arena of Death!!

9/18/10 - The Game Keep

Great event. The Arena of Death pitted each player against 10 randomly-drawn monsters, in one-on-one matches. We each brought a level 7 character to the game, using standard rules for magic items and other equipment. The entire event took place in one day with no extended rests, so we had to make the most of Encounter powers while saving Daily powers for just the right moment. And with 10 consecutive encounters, healing surges were a valuable commodity.

The early favorite was Jesse's Half-Elf Paladin, who got all the way to the final monster before getting defeated. Very few of us got that close; my Dwarf Battlemind got five fights in before losing to a troll. But the final character - Nick's Gnome Warlock - actually won all ten fights. While the rest of us concentrated on building characters with lots of healing surges and high defenses, Nick focused on trickery. His character had multiple ways of teleporting and turning invisible, which made him difficult to hit. He had the fewest healing surges out of all the players, and he started the final bout with no remaining surges, and less-than-full hit points. But he got a lot of lucky rolls, and made the most of all his tricks.

A good time was had by all (except possibly one Dwarf Battlerager who stormed out when he couldn't hit his Thri-Keen opponent), and I hope to play in similar events in the future.

Btw, the arena is by Playmobil. It looked really good. WOTC should release something similar.

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  1. I d never have thought a week ago that I d be thinking of acquiring playmobil toys...
    (and this is not that cheap heh...)


    But I really like this arena idea... very Dark Sun...