Saturday, October 2, 2010

Artifact Hunters: The Avatar of Torm - Session 1

Game Date: 10/2/2010
DM: Nick

The Party:
Anna Bella (Leigha) - Halfling Monk
Gavail Pontiff (Ted) - Eladrin Wizard
Marek the Silver (Rusty) - Dragonborn Paladin
Morigan McBane (Jesse) - Human Artificer
Talindra Seryth (Matt) - Razorclaw Shifter Avenger

A New Start
With two character deaths (and some other factors), last week we decided to try something different for a while. So today we started a new campaign. It involves a mission from church of Torm, and combating the influence of Bane. Bane is the evil god of tyranny, corruption, power, and general nastiness. (He also broke Batman's back once.)

About Our Characters:
Talindra Seryth was raised by an anti-Bane cult. I say "cult" because even though they are technically eliminating evil from the world, they are obsessive about their cause, and they care little about the morality or legality involved in achieving their ends. Tal was raised from birth to be a holy avenger, dedicated to finding and eliminating Bane's followers.

Also in the party we have Anna Bella, a Halfling Monk who kicks major ass despite her petite size. Gavail Pontiff is an Eladrin Wizard who studies history and dislikes the worship of gods. Marek the Silver is an honorable Dragonborn Paladin. Morigan McBane is a Human Artificer who enjoys exploring ancient ruins and hunting for treasure.

The Session:
We began in the city of Triel, where they were preparing for an event called the Divine Death. But soon we were given a plot hook that had us traveling to the city of Berdusk to look for the Gauntlet of Vestigius.

On our way we were attacked by a gnoll and two hyenas in the forest. Once we reached Berdusk, we found out that the gauntlet had been taken into some caves to the North. In these caves, we fought Goblins, Fire Beetles, and finally an Imp before finally getting the gauntlet back.

Next, we were told to head to the Elturel Monastary and speak to the head librarian. However, we were not allowed entrance until we proved ourselves. Next session, we will begin by selecting one of four mini-quests. One involves a Gnoll Outpost, another involves an Orc Raiding Party, another involves Haunted Tombs, and the last one involves an abandoned Chapel of Tyr.

A more extensive recap of our session appears on our Obsidian Portal page.

...And On A More Personal Note:
There's an episode of Daria where a student dies. Since Daria has a reputation for being unemotional, one of the dumber students asks her how to stop feeling sad. Daria charges her money for the advice, cash up front. After the student pays her, Daria says, "Find some other way to feel." The student immediately gets angry that Daria charged her for such simple advice. Then Daria says, "It worked, didn't it?" The student stops, thinks a second, realizes that getting angry really did make her forget about her grief, and walks away without saying anything.

Well, that's how I've felt ever since I started putting together this character. I mourned a little when my character died last week, but working up a new character made me forget about it. I'm very excited about Talindra, she's unlike anything I've played before. Writing her description and backstory is very cathartic, like being reborn after death. I do feel a little shallow though, as if I'm saying, "Out with the old, in with the new. Get your ass killed, we'll replace you too." But these are just fictional characters, how sad can I really be?

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