Sunday, November 27, 2011

Unlikely Heroes: Magic Carpet Ride

Game Date: 11/26/2011
DM: Rusty

The Party:
Dalia (Matt): Human Ardent
Durp the Oblivious (Cliff): Half-Elf Bard
Glynnyn (Tamara): Elf Druid
Keyanna (Chere): Half-Elf Sorcerer
Marrick (Greg): Dwarf Knight

The Session:
Last session we barely survived an epic battle with a Beholder and a gaggle of Wights.  This left us in a poor state, and our plan to take an extended rest was foiled by the arrival of several more undead.  We huddled in a side room, while our only escape was blocked by a large number of Kobold Zombies.  We hadn't even managed to get a short rest in, and our party was desperately low on healing surges.  Things looked pretty grim.

Only 16 of 'em?  Bring it on!

Fortunately, they were all minions.  Keyanna took out a good number of them with her blast attacks, and none of us took much damage during the fight.  After our victory, we finally took our well-deserved extended rest in the side crypt, while Payday and his lumberjack cronies guarded the door.  Once we were rested, Marrick climbed up the walls of the Beholder's chamber, through the magical fog, but didn't find anything of interest. 

The next room was full of rubble from old statues, making the entire room difficult terrain.  Marrick and Dalia were the first to enter, and were quickly hit by crossbow bolts.  We suddenly faced a pair of Undead Kobold Marauders, four Zombies, and their leader:  the newly-reanimated Kobold King Merlokrep, whom we had defeated a few sessions ago.  It wasn't easy, but we came out on top.

The final room contained a large sarcophagus made of carved coral, and four bound lumberjack prisoners.  Inside the sarcophagus we found a Mercurial Rod, and a stone tablet inscribed with a strange language.  Inside the Kobold King's skull we found an amber gemstone with floating runes inside.  While holding the gemstone (a "Polyglot Gem"), Keyanna found she was able to read the text on the stone tablet.  It read "Zelfin Cova" in the Azlanti language.

When we got back to town, Kreed finally unlocked our tower for us.  We reunited with Durp in town, even though he was supposed to be out of town with Ranell for a couple of weeks.  (Derp: "I forgot my lute.")  The next morning, we discovered that we'd all contracted Mummy Rot.  On our way to the church to get treated, we heard that several of the lumberjacks from our party had died overnight, including the four we'd rescued.  Apparently we'd brought back a plague, and the Rot was spreading through town.

The cleric at the church was working on a cure, but it would take a few days and require some materials that weren't found in town.  Kreed came to see us again and asked us to go to the town of Olfden for supplies to fight the plague.  (Aren't his own employees good for anything besides cutting down trees?)  Marrick volunteered first, but Kreed hasn't really trusted him since the dwarf threw a hammer at him last session.  Instead, Durp made the trip solo, using a magic carpet borrowed from Kreed.  (Everybody now, "I can show you the world...")

He was gone four days, during which the rest of us had to make heal/endurance checks to stay ahead of the disease.  He did a little shopping while he was there, and traded a Sacrificial Longsword we'd found for a more useful Songblade.  By the time he got back to Falcon's Hollow, the rest of our party had been cured through die rolls.  But the supplies were still needed by the town, so it wasn't a wasted trip.

We then learned about some murders in town.  Three people had died by the docks, and had wounds that might have been made by an animal.  We headed straight for the church, to see if our favorite Teen Wolf Jevra had been involved.  The priestess didn't seem to think Jevra had been getting out, but she did say that Jevra had been a discipline problem ever since she learned about the deaths of Vex and Davor.

We decided we needed to get Jevra out of town fast.  We didn't want to chance the townsfolk pointing fingers at her, and we weren't so sure we trusted her ourselves.  We'd been planning on taking her to the local Druids soon when we had the time, to see if they could cure her lycanthopy.  Off we go!  Wait, not yet.  We had to postpone our trip for legal reasons.

We'd been waiting for a certain lawyer to come to town, so that we could finalize the legality of our adventuring company.  We didn't want to have to rewrite our tower's lease every time our group's membership changed, so we legally established a name for ourselves.  No longer are we just unlikely heroes, from now on we're officially known as...

(We briefly considered the name "Durp's Bitches".)

We also signed a three year lease on the tower.  We have a remodeling contract for the tower for 10,000 gold (we already have 4 thousand towards that from our dealings with Kreed).  It should take about 8 months for the work on the tower to be completed.  We also decided to go ahead and employ a couple of hirelings to stay in the tower for upkeep and security purposes.  For this, we sought out some of the kids we'd worked with on our previous adventures.

We knew that Hollin's sister Ralla was working as a prostitute, and figured it might not be the best job for a girl her age, so we looked for her first.  We arrived at the brothel, the Rouge Lady, but it wasn't open yet.  Nevertheless, Durp knocked repeatedly on the door.
*knock knock knock* "Hookers."  *knock knock knock* "Hookers."  *knock knock knock* "Hookers."

A window opened up above us, and a couple of annoyed guys dumped a chamber pot on Keyanna's head.  She wasn't thrilled. Merrick and Durp kept knocking, and one of the men upstairs aimed a crossbow at them.  Durp shot him with his own crossbow, and Merrick broke into the brothel through a window.  After Merrick let the rest of the party in, a noseless Half-Orc angrily entered the room and asked us what the hell we were doing here.  It was Kabran Bloodeye, head of thieves guild.

We asked to buy Ralla's contract, which he agreed to do for 300 gold.  Afterwards, we found Ralla and Hollin, and put them to work in the tower.  Now that we'd tied up a bunch of loose ends, we got ready for our trip to find the Druids.   And we'll pick up from there next week.

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