Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rifts 2112: Let's Just Cool Down A Minute

Game Date: 2/16/2013
Campaign: Rifts 2112, Session 5
System: Savage Worlds
DM: Rusty   

Emma Snow (Star): Medic
Jim Bagg (Cliff): Military Reserves
Sgt. Malcolm Reynolds (Ted): Active Military
Terri Bolton (Matt): Mechanic

Previous Sessions:
Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4

The Story So Far...
A few days ago, the world was suddenly bombarded by multiple natural disasters and a variety of alien invaders.  The evil Splynn have reshaped the Earth to mine precious minerals, while enslaving humans for labor.  Their rivals, the equally evil Xiticix, recruited our party of FEMA responders to investigate a Splynn operation in the newly-returned Atlantis.  Rather than return to the Xiticix, we went our own way instead.  In Nashville we allied with a clan of Dwarven marksmen from another dimension, and now we plan to check out the damage in our hometown of Atlanta.

Todays Session:
"I'm sorry, Dave, but life is meaningless."
The session began with us taking our Xiticix spacecraft to Atlanta.  Doug, the ship's interactive holographic interface, was feeling a bit depressed about how his life had turned out.  But he did his job and we reached our destination.  In Atlanta, we met with the local authorities and were given our choice of quests.  They wanted more scouting done in Atlantis, there was a nuclear reactor about to go critical in Atlanta, there were more apes to fight on the Georgia border, and of course we eventually want to check out those demons in St. Louis...  yeah, we've got a big to-do list.

Eager to show off her repair skills, Terri voted for the nuclear plant, and nobody objected.  Doug took us to the plant, where we saw hundreds of zombies walking around the grounds.  Doug set us down on a roof, where we climbed down a ladder and entered one of the buildings.  We had to fight four zombies on our way in, but we made it okay.  Emma showed off her magical powers for the first time, which surprised us but we had bigger fish to fry.

We explored the building until we found the data we needed.  We learned that a reactor core was overheating, because all the water was gone.  We found some survivors, but they had absorbed so much radiation that they didn't believe they'd live much longer.  They explained the source of the problem - one of the outer walls had been torn down by a giant monster, so it was going to be a much bigger fix than simply filling the core back up with water.

We decided we would try to smother the core rod with a few tons of concrete, allowing it to melt down into the Earth.  We asked Doug to fly around and find us some cement trucks and carry them back.  In the meantime, we killed off some zombies around the open side of the building.  By the time Doug returned, we had a mostly clear shot to drive the cement trucks to the core.  Or we did, until the Zombie Lord showed up.  He tossed out a wall of zombies between us and the cement trucks.  We (mostly Mal) attacked him until he vanished, then continued with our plan.  And then, a giant Balor-like creature appeared.

At this point, Emma and Jim were back on the ship while Terri and Mal carried out the plan.  Mal soloed the monster while Terri worked on getting the concrete poured over the core rod.  Even with their protective suits on, we had to make vigor rolls every round due to the increased radiation in the area.  Mal heroically hacked at the monster until Terri finished with the concrete.  On her way back to the ship, Terri took a shot at the creature (her one contribution to the actual battle), which brought the monster down.  As Doug's hatch opened, Emma fired off a magic bolt, finishing the creature off for good.

"Private Joke."
It was a major victory. (*salute* "Major Victory.")  Having dealt the monster its corporal punishment (*salute* "Corporal Punishment") we boarded the ship and took off.  Doug and Emma both used their skills to disperse any radiation they could, but Terri and Mal are still a bit weak.  Hopefully we'll have time to rest and heal completely before we do anything else too dangerous.  At least that's the general idea.  (*salute* "General Idea.")

I had some great die rolls this week, which is highly unusual for me.  On one turn my d6 exploded four consecutive times.  Today might be the only time in my RPG career that I bring down a Balor with a modern rifle.  There is no game next week, due to something called "Sportsfest".  (What is this "sports" word, anyway?)  Unless something comes up, the next game will be on March 2.

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