Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rifts 2112: Animal Men Vs The Zombies

Game Date: 3/23/2013
Campaign: Rifts 2112, Session 6
System: Savage Worlds
DM: Rusty   

Emma Snow (Star): Medic
Jim Bagg (Cliff): Military Reserves
Sgt. Malcolm Reynolds (Ted): Active Military
Terri Bolton (Matt): Mechanic

Previous Sessions:
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The Story So Far...
A few days ago, the world was suddenly bombarded by multiple natural disasters and a variety of alien invaders.  The evil Splynn have reshaped the Earth to mine precious minerals, while enslaving humans for labor.  Their rivals, the equally evil Xiticix, recruited our party of FEMA responders to investigate a Splynn operation in the newly-returned Atlantis.  Rather than return to the Xiticix, we went our own way instead.  In Nashville we allied with a clan of Dwarven marksmen from another dimension, and then we prevented a nuclear meltdown in Atlanta.

Today's Session:
After defeating last session's boss, we headed back to Nashville, rested, and reported back to the government.  We considered going to St. Louis deal with some rumored demons, but then we heard of a more pressing mission.  The US Secretary of Education was stranded somewhere in Washington State, and had sent out a distress call.  This made him the highest ranking government official currently confirmed alive.  We had a bit of discussion as to whether our government was strong enough to bother helping, but in the end it seemed like the best choice of missions.  We boarded Doug (our space ship) and headed straight there.

The transmissions had come from Mount Shasta in Washington.  As we neared the mountain, we saw that it was much shorter than it used to be, having erupted during the recent cataclysm.  We could see the top of a man-made tunnel sticking out of the mountain, and decided to park Doug there.  Once inside the tunnel, we found an elevator full of dead humans.  We took the elevator down.  We exited into a room where we got attacked by eight undead soldiers.  We took them out fast, mostly thanks to Emma's Repel powers.

"Does whatever a tiger can..."
Once the undead were re-dead, we explored the complex.  We found a lot of empty rooms, offices, restrooms, and so on.  In a laboratory, Mal was attacked by a half-man, half-tiger.  After we killed it, we saw several other empty cages, and evidence that there were more human/animal hybrids about.  Before we could ponder the situation for too long, however, another swarm of zombies started making their way towards us.  This was a much larger group; around two dozen.  It was a much tougher battle.

The zombies swarmed Terri early in the battle, paralyzing her before she could do any damage.  Jim took out several zombies with a grenade, but that still left plenty to cause us a lot of problems.  Emma continued to use her Repel power, but it mostly just slowed them down.  Jim and Mal both had issues with their plasma axes running out of power, and these zombies were resistant to ranged weapons.  Unable to defend herself, Terri took more damage late in the battle, causing her to permanently lose a point of agility.  Our Greek NPC was swarmed by zombies and horribly killed.

When things looked their bleakest, a shark-man arrived on the scene and started eating zombies.  He was accompanied by some dog-men and a tall human with a flamethrower.  We were wary of the newcomers, but "the enemy of my enemy" yada yada.  Soon our new friends had killed off all the zombies, and we all introduced ourselves.  The flamethrower guy turned out to be the Secretary of Education for whom we'd been searching.  The other animal people were lab experiments gone horribly right.  We all boarded Doug and went back to Nashville, where we received a hero's welcome.

Everyone but Mal advanced this session, so we need to make sure to update our character sheets.

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