Saturday, August 23, 2014

D&D 5e: Web of Doom

Game Date: 8/23/2014
Location: The Game Cave
Campaign: N/A
System: D&D 5e
DM: Rusty

The Party:
Looplily Timber (James) - Gnome Cleric
Moe (Thomas) - Human Monk
Ramas (Daniel) - Human Warlock
Torgga (Matt) - Dwarf Fighter

The Session:
Last week I couldn't make it, so the remaining players tried out D&D 5e.  Today we were still down one player, and didn't feel like returning to our Shattered Star campaign quite yet.  So we continued the story they started last week.

They'd left off in a narrow hallway, outside a room full of giant spiders.  It was a large cavern, filled with approximately sixty giant spiders.  There was a cage in the center of the room, with skeletons in it.  We knew there was something important about the cage, but couldn't agree on a plan to get to it.  Among our assets was a sample of purple mold, which reproduces quickly and puts nearby creatures to sleep.

We decided to... well, we never actually decided anything, which was our downfall.  We tried a bunch of different stuff, had some communication issues, and generally got our asses kicked.  We threw some mold in there, letting it spread so that it would put some spiders to sleep.  Then we tied a rope around the monk, and had him tiptoe through the room to reach the cage.  Problem was, he kept failing his saves against the mold, and we'd have to pull him back out again.

So we tried it again with the fighter, who had better saves against poison.  She managed to reach the cage, but got attacked by a spider.  As she started to come back out, she found herself trapped by two spiders and restrained by webbing.  The monk tried to help, but he got knocked out again.  Both the monk and the fighter were covered in spores, and due to suffocate within a few rounds.

The cleric and warlock managed to save the monk, but they couldn't make it to the fighter.  As the cleric pulled the monk to safety, the warlock got caught up in the webs, and couldn't make it out.  The fighter and the warlock both died, but the monk and the cleric lived to fight another day.

There's no game next week.  Our next session will be on 9/6.

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