Saturday, August 13, 2016

OAWYM: ElfQuest

Game Date: 8/13/2016
Location: The Game Keep
Campaign: OAWYM, Session 7
System: D&D 5e
DM: Rusty

The Party:
Corbin (Daniel) - Human Cleric/Wizard
Byzun (Gary) - Human Sorcerer
Malcer (Gary, subbing for Graham) - Human Warlock
Marcella (Lanessa) - Human Bard
Tamir (Other Matt) - Human Fighter Archer
Val Ravensword (Matt) - Half-Orc Paladin

NPC Companions:
Dene Ledford - Val's Companion
Robb - Corbin's Companion
Tatio - Malcer's Companion

The Session:
Last week we picked a fight with a town full of goblins - not the best idea - and barely avoided a TPK.  Today we continued our actual quest (well, subquest) of seeking out the "Woodsingers", a tribe of Elves who might help us defeat the Iron Circle.  We picked up a new party member, Corbin the Cleric/Wizard, and his companion, Robb the Rogue.

We headed into the forest, making a few survival chec - ...wait a minute, the rogue's name is Robb?  How did I miss that during the session? Anyway, we kept tromping through the forest, and of course with the noise we were making, it was the Elves who found us.  They told us to halt, and we explained our mission.  They took us to see their leader, Ariel. 

The Elves agreed to consider our request, but only if we would help them first.  Not far away was a ruined Elven sanctuary, now controlled by an undead wizard.  We were to cleanse the sanctuary of the wizard's presence.  Ariel gave us a vial of green dragon's blood, which would be required to teleport to the sanctuary.  The Elves gave us directions and sent us on our way.

After some travel, we saw our destination - a stone structure that looked suspiciously similar to the sundail we fought near a few sessions ago.  We could see the teleportation pedestal we needed to use, but unfortunately we could also see some goblins and giant spiders.  And worse, they saw us first. Most of our party members were surprised, and there were horrible initiative rolls on both sides.

The spiders skittered right up to us while the goblins fired at us from a distance.  Marcella killed all three goblins early on with a well-placed Shatter spell.  The spiders kept gumming us up with web attacks, but we kept at it and finished them off.  Once everything was dead, we poured the dragon blood on the pedestal, spoke some magic words, and teleported to the Elven sanctuary.

We appeared in a wizard's laboratory, surrounded by goblins.  There were also some caged rage drakes, and the leader was a goblin mage.  In the first round, the boss ordered his minions to release the drakes.  We used our area effect spells early to clear out the goblins.  Malcer and Byzun both took out multiple goblins with Shatter spells, and Corbin hit a couple with Thunderwave.  Tamir killed two goblins in the first round by using an action surge. 

Very soon we were down to the goblin leader and the drakes, but those drakes had a lot of hit points.  Then the leader jumped up on the table and cast a mass charm spell.  Roughly half the party was calmed.  They didn't turn on their friends, but they declined to spend any more time fighting.  But we dealt with it, and it looked like the battle wouldn't last much longer.

...And then the goblin leader cast Cloudkill.  For a few rounds we dealt with this large damaging zone.  Corbin and Robb went down at different times, but were healed within a round.  Then Val went down while inside the zone, which was nerve wracking because she could have died of massive damage if she started a turn in the cloud.  Some of the other party members tried rushing into the zone to pull her out, but then the the zone dropped when the boss lost his concentration.

Corbin finished off the boss with Booming Blade, only rolling 3 damage on the final blow.   At this point there was only one drake left, which was soon executed by Robb.  We took a short rest in the goblin mage's office, then investigated the doors to the next room.  There were two sets of doors, and both were locked.  Robb unlocked the left set of doors.

The next room contained a giant spider, two skeletons, and an undead wizard.  We could also see a partially assembled dragon skeleton.  Tamir tried firing off a shot at the wizard, who immediately hit him back with a Ray of Frost, before turning invisible.  We rolled initiative, and tried to wait for them to come to us.  Unfortunately they were uncooperative.  Tamir ran through the left doors to get a better shot, and fell into a pit trap. 

While Val helped Tamir out of the pit, some of the party members listened at the other set of doors.  They could barely hear some chanting, and with an arcana check determined that it was an attempt to reanimate the dragon skeleton.  We decided we couldn't risk waiting any longer, and had Robb unlock those doors as well.  Once opened, Corbin rushed through the right doorway... and fell into a pit trap. 

As soon as Corbin climbed out of his pit, the giant spider knocked him unconscious with a powerful poison attack.  Byzun killed one the skeletons with a single blow.  Then the undead wizard hit four of us with a Fireball spell, hurting us badly and taking Tamir down.  The giant spider leaped through the doorway, and attacked Dene, Malcer, and Robb with sticky webbing.  Dene spent several rounds trying to get the webbing off his face.

Malcer dealt a killing blow on the spider.  At this point the undead wizard was all that was left.  The wizard brought Byzun down to zero with a Magic Missile.  We kept attacking the wizard, but found that he was immune to non-magical weapons.  We kept at it, healing our wounded and using whatever attacks would damage the boss.  Finally the wizard used one last Fireball, but included himself in the zone.  This spell brought three of us down to zero, but killed the wizard as well.

We used up our remaining healing resources getting everyone back on their feet.  We searched the room, found some jewels and gold in a treasure chest, and took a long rest.  We ended the session there.

We each received 1118 xp, and 20 gp.  We also picked up some jewels and a nice ring that we'll sell/split later.

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