Friday, June 30, 2017

Painting Miniatures

So, I've started painting my own miniatures.  I haven't done anything I'm proud of yet, but I thought I'd show off my progress anyway.

I started looking into it because it's hard to find a decent fairy miniature.  I've always wanted to play a Pixie character, and I want to have an appropriate mini when I finally do.  But it's difficult to find any pre-painted fairy minis online.  There's a few good metal ones, but I don't really like metal minis.  Then one of my fellow gamers showed me a plastic Reaper Bones mini he'd painted (part of a familar set), and I had to have it.

Naturally, once I started painting I found it addictive.  Now that I've got my fairy (and a few extra), and I've started painting other familiars (they're cheap) and a few other creatures.  I've been trying a few techniques I've seen online, using washes and such, but I'm just not good at the fine detail work.  It gives me a headache to focus on parts that small, and I can only ask so much of my dexterity.  But I'm enjoying what I'm doing, even if it's not on par with the paint jobs I've seen online.

Making the bases is kind of fun.  I haven't done anything really elaborate, but I have a couple of easy techniques I enjoy.  In the clearance section of a craft store I found some textured green paint that makes things look like grass.  For stone bases, I paint them gray and then spray them with textured stone spray paint.


Fairy Queen




Swamp Zombies

Bat and Bat Swarm


House Cats

Faerie Dragons




Vorpal Bunnies

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