Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tantris - Session 2

Game Date 4/4/09

This is a quick-and-dirty summary of the session's major events. I might mention some details in greater detail in a future entry of Nara's Journal, but the session didn't leave us in a position where she would have time to write anything down. Plus I'm having a busy work week, and just want to get this information posted before I forget any details.

To recap: We failed to protect a caravan from bandits, and Rolan was accused of stealing some gems, but he was released.

We had seen another caravan camped on the way to town, so we decided to see if it was still there. Due to a shortage of drivers, we volunteered to drive the next wagon out of town. While the wagon was being loaded, we went to the local tavern to ask some questions. Nara then went to the sherrif's office to see if there was information to be had there, while Rolan and Rhogar stayed at the bar.

Nara asked the officer-on-duty about the bandit attacks, but learned very little of value. The bandits were about human-sized, definitely not goblins. Back at the bar, Rolan met a mysterious elf. They had a private conversation in Elvish, in which the stranger mentioned his "business of the people."

When the wagon was finally ready to go, we headed for the camped caravan. It was still there. Everyone was dead, and the wagons had been looted. We decided to to set up camp ourselves, in hopes of getting attacked. We didn't want to be too obvious, so we drove a couple of miles down the road first. Our wagon made a funny noise, and it turned out to be an issue with part of the axle. Simple wear-and-tear, or sabotage? We fixed it as best as we could with what materials we could find, failing to notice there was a box of wagon parts in the wagon for just such an occurrence.

So anyway, we wanted to get attacked, so we acted like decoys. Nara took the first watch, pretending to read while the other two pretended to sleep. We were soon attacked by small reptilian humanoids (presumably kobolds), who threw javelins at us from the cover of tall grass. It was a tough fight, but we finally won. However, we were soon exhausted, and we didn't want to stay in such a dangerous area, so we drove a few more miles and camped.

Rolan was on watch duty when he was robbed by a masked bandit. The robber carried a red-bladed sword, which due to previous clues, meant that he was most likely the bandit we'd been seeking. Unfortunately Rolan was in no position to fight back, so the bandit took what he wanted and left. Rolan woke up Nara and Rhogar, and we soon discovered that the wagon's wheels were now partially submerged in the ground. This turned out to be an anti-theft charm - if a certain item was removed from the wagon, the wagon was rendered incapable of moving.

Lord Derai soon showed up, and once again scolded our ineptitude. He gave us an enchanted piece of paper, which displayed a magic arrow that always pointed towards Derai's stolen loot. Per his orders, we immediately set out to follow the arrow. Of course the enemy had a good head start, and we had to stop and rest again before we got too far.

Later we found an old campsite, which we believed to be a decoy. At this point the arrow started acting strange, changing direction at certain places. At first we thought we might be standing over an underground hideout containing the loot, but soon we noticed a person up in the trees high above us.

We argued a little about what to do - Nara's crossbow had the farthest range of the party's weapons, but Nara doesn't like to shoot at people who don't attack her first. We didn't want to call out to him - if there was any chance he hadn't seen us yet, we didn't want to alert him to our presence. Before we settled on a plan, we noticed that he'd disappeared. We heard him land on the ground beside us, but we couldn't see him.

So, Rolan (being the fastest of us) used the piece of paper to chase the invisible enemy. Unfortunately the villain managed to get behind him and stab him in the back, nearly killing him. When the others caught up to Rolan, Nara healed his wounds. While we still couldn't see our enemy, Rhogar managed to hit him with his acid breath.

Nara recognized the bandit's cloak as a Cloak of Elvenkind, but it was too badly damaged by Rhogar's breath to ever be worn again. The bandit was badly injured, and we gave him just enough medical attention to keep him alive. In his possession was the red blade, and a scroll with the stamps of both Derai and Everesk. We decided - for now - not to open the scroll, and let Derai's business be Derai's business. But we do wonder if we're being set up.

We decided to tie the bandit up and carry him back to the wagon with us. We made it back to the wagon safely. It was once again in drivable condition, so we plan to take it back to Lord Derai as soon as possible, to present him with our prisoner and his loot.

This is where we had to end the session, due to the time.

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