Saturday, June 12, 2010

Scarred Lands - Rats!

Game Date: 6/12/2010

The Party:
Alek Corman (Ted) - Half-Elf Paladin
Aria Thatcher (Matt) - Half-Elf Bard
Blast (Nick) - Gnome Warlock
Dornn (Adam) - Minotaur Cleric
Kobaka (Jesse) - Half-Orc Ranger

Due to the addition of a Paladin and a Cleric, I rebuilt Aria so that she isn't so focused on healing. She is now more of a versatile dabbler type.

In order to prevent confusion with Dornn, Gorn has been renamed Kobaka. I think he was actually called "Kobaka" correctly maybe once during the session. Popular nicknames included Kabbalah, Kielbasa, Kasaba, Baklava, Baraka, Chewbacca, Carrabba, and "The Half-Orc."

When we last left our heroes, they were on a ledge in a well, having defeated a group of Ratmen.

The Session:
After a short rest, we rest found a secret passage that led into a series of tunnels. Kobaka disabled a trap or two, and then we found a door. We managed to surprise a room full of Ratmen, and made short work of them.

We continued to explore, passing up one door in favor of a larger set of doors. In the main hall, we fought a huge group of Ratmen. It was a long battle, which left us in a very bad state. We took an extended rest in this room. There were three additional exits from this room, two of which were hidden. We took the non-hidden one, a hallway which led us into a fight with four rat swarms. The hallway was a dead end, with no treasure or other points of interest.

We left that hallway and did some more exploring, and eventually found ourselves in a room with a collapsing ceiling. At first we exited the trap in two different directions. Kobaka and Aria found a passage that looped around to one of the areas we'd already explored. Once we regrouped, we continued deeper into the dungeon until we reached a trident-shaped set of hallways. The left and middle passages led to doors, while the right passage stretched on much farther, with a few visible doors in the distance.

We took the left passage and found a worship room, complete with statues of the Titans. We fought another group of Ratmen, leaving the final minion alive so he could lead us to treasure. We took a short rest in the worship room, and ended the session.

From the trident-shaped hallways, we haven't yet explored the middle or right passages. There was also at least one door we haven't explored in the earlier areas. Some of us are still suffering from diseases contracted from our enemies.

XP Rewards:
500+100+175=775 each. Dornn and Corman reached level 2.

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