Saturday, July 24, 2010

Scarred Lands - Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, It's Off To War We Go!

Game Date: 7/24/2010

The Party:
Alek Corman (Ted) - Half-Elf Paladin
Aria Thatcher (Matt) - Half-Elf Bard
Blast Flashing, Jr. (Nick) - Gnome Warlock
Gorn (Jesse) - Half-Orc Ranger
Pyro (Daniel) - Changeling Sorcerer

New to the group is Pyro, and fire-obsessed shapechanger.

Last session left off with us just about to clear out the final room of the Ratman dungeon.

The Session:
Once the final ratmen were exterminated, we found the corpses of two children, which we respectfully wrapped up and took with us. We returned to the Burok Torn and told them of our success. The Dwarves set up an appointment for us to meet with King Thane the following day. While taking advantage of their hospitality, we spent some money at their shops. It was there that we met our newest party member, Pyro, who had stowed away in a merchant's box of fireworks. Later, Pyro and Aria met a mysterious Dwarf with a scarred face.

The next day we met the King, and we found out that the scarred Dwarf was actually Goran, the Dwarven God. We also learned some new details about our amphora. It holds the essence of Mormo, a Titan who created many serpentine races.

We offered to introduce the Dwarves to the townsfolk who lived above the ratfolk, but they decided they would handle that themselves. Instead, King Thane asked another favor of us. We were to investigate a failed Dwarven Kingdom called Bareth-Marn. Apparently some Dwarves had gone missing there, and we were to find out why. The kingdom was guarded by many undead Dwarves, so we were escorted by a small Dwarven army.

We fought in a large battle between Dwarves and undead, after which we left the army behind. We crossed a chasm and entered the dungeon. Inside, we fought some spider-like goblins. Then we met three dead Dwarven Guardians, who initially fought us because of a miscommunication. Once we convinced them that we were on the same side, we took them outside to meet the Dwarven army.

Our final battle of the day was against several undead creatures, but we didn't have much trouble wiping them out. We are now resting in a room with multiple exits.

In addition to the other exits in this room, there is a portcullis-blocked passage upstairs we haven't investigated.

GP: 15 each.
XP: 325 (all but Pyro); +180+180+150 = 835 total
Misc: Everlasting Provisions for Aria, Amulet of Health +1 for everyone else.

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