Saturday, August 7, 2010

Scarred Lands - For Whom the Bell Tolls

Game Date: 8/7/2010

The Party:
Alek Corman (Ted) - Human Paladin
Aria Thatcher (Matt) - Half-Elf Bard
Blast Flashing, Jr. (Bryan) - Gnome Warlock
Gorn (Jesse) - Half-Orc Ranger

Nick could not make it, so Bryan played his character. Despite previous posts to the contrary, Alek is a Human, not a Half-Elf (apparently his parentage was questionable until recently). We're not quite sure what happened to the Changeling that joined our party last session, but then, Changelings are unpredictable.

Also, we tried something new this time: a Critical Hit Deck and a Critical Fumble Deck. Although we rolled a lot more fumbles than crits during the session, it still made the game very entertaining. And the monsters used it too, to make things fair. The cards weren't designed for 4e, so we had to reinterpret some of the outcomes.

Last session we left off just after a battle with some undead, in the failed Dwarven Kingdom of Bareth-Marn.

The Session:
We fought one more battle in the Bareth-Marn dungeon, during which we discovered the stand for a missing bell. (In the previous session, we heard a ringing bell just before the appearance of some undead.) After the battle, our Dwarven allies arrived and requested we return with them. King Thane the Redundant wanted to talk to us about the bell. (Thane's name has become a running joke with us, since "Thane" means "king".)

The bell is known as Goran's Rebirth, and it has the ability to raise the dead. When the bell tolled in our previous session, they had heard it in the Burok-Torn as well. He wanted us to stay nearby in case it went off again, so we stayed the night.

In the middle of the night, Gorn was awakened by the sound of the bell. He woke us up and we went down to the courtyard, where spirits were rising. The King soon joined us, and sent us on another mission. We were to travel to Gamble's Bridge, the site of a decisive battle, where history claims the Dark Elves betrayed the Dwarves.

They gave us climbing gear and a Dwarven escort, and sent us through an underground pass. In one tunnel we came across some Dwarf warriors fighting a metal skeleton and some carnage demons, and their fight soon became ours. After the battle we continued our explorations.

We eventually came across some massive gates, which had been bashed open by giant fists. We then found the remains of the Gamble's Bridge. The bridge was no longer there, but a ghostly flashback played for us, showing us the true events of that fateful day. In the ethereal rerun, it was the Titan Chern who betrayed both the Elves and the Dwarves.

After the history lesson, a giant demon appeared with the bell, which he rang. Wraiths and ghouls soon swarmed us, causing us a lot of grief. The demon kept pelting us with his own powerful blasts, and he would occasionally ring the bell again to call more minions.

It was a difficult battle, and nearly wiped us out. The bell was across the chasm the bridge once spanned, and jumping across would have been very risky. Blast heroically teleported across the gap and braved several undead to reach the bell. Unfortunately the demon picked him up and threw him back across the chasm, hitting Aria. Ouch.

We finally started firing at the bell from our side, and its peal had immediate positive effects. It wiped out nearby minions, then summoned Goran (the Dwarven god), as well as avatars of our patron gods to our sides. Soon the demon fell, and the remaining undead re-died.

After the battle, we argued a little with Goran, since the Dwarven version of history didn't seem to line up with the vision we'd witnessed. But we decided it wasn't an issue worth pressing, and we returned to Burok-Torm as heroes.

We have been given "Clanless Dwarf Status", which gives us permission to enter the city at will, and the right to use "Kelder" as a last name.

Reminders & Rewards:
We are currently back at the Dwarven kingdom, taking an extended rest. We should have plenty of time to do more buying/selling/trading before we're given the next plot hook.

GP: 452 gp, 8 sp each
XP: 200+385+425= 1010 each
5 Potions of Healing (1 each, 2 Alek)
4 Fire Beetle Potions (1 each)
3 Belts of Resilience (1 each except Alek)
1 Floating Shield (Alek)
4 weeks worth of Stonemeal Biscuits (1 week each)
1 Lifeshroud
1 Nail of Sealing
1 +1 Skybound Leather Armor
1 Lens of Reading
1 Magic Whetstone

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