Sunday, December 12, 2010

Artifact Hunters: Slug Is A Battlefield

Game Date: 12/11/2010
DM: Nick

The Party (Level 4):
Amarat (Tamara) - Elf Rogue
Anna Bella (Leigha) - Halfling Monk
Gavail Pontiff (Ted) - Eladrin Wizard
Marek the Silver (Rusty) - Dragonborn Paladin
Morigan McBane (Jesse) - Human Artificer
Talindra Seryth (Matt) - Razorclaw Shifter Avenger

Last session ended with us climbing an Earthmote and finding a hideout marked with the symbol of Bane.
We left our horses back at town, but we decided that Gavail did bring George (her sluglike scathebeast mount) with us. Probably because Nick sculpted a cool-looking scathebeast miniature, and wanted to see us use it in battle.

The Session:
We entered the dungeon. Tal took the lead, in order to scout ahead and check for traps. She soon triggered a dart trap, and attracted three Quicklings. The Quicklings had the very useful ability to shift 10 squares, but it wasn't too hard to destroy them. We explored the rest of the area then took some stairs down to level two.

We found a few passages going in different directions, each ending in a door. While Tal and Amarat each picked a door to examine, Morigan got impatient and picked the wrong hall to investigate. She got hit by a blade trap, and we were soon under attack by Hobgoblins.

As that battle was starting, Tal was investigating another room. She noticed some keys hanging on the wall, but luckily was perceptive enough to see that it was a trap. Between her and the keys was a large patch of unsafe-looking floor.

Gavail dismounted from George, so she could feystep over the blade trap. Now, Morigan (or more specifically, Morigan's player) isn't a fan of mounts. With George unattended and a pit trap nearby, Morigan saw an opportunity to rid our group of what she considered a problem. So while Gavail was busy with the Hobgoblin battle, Morigan began coaxing the scathebeast towards the unsafe floor. However, Tal saw what Morigan was trying to do, and started screeching loudly to warn Gavail.

Tal's caterwauling attracted more monsters from the remaining rooms. A pair of Ogres came running, followed by some Barghests and another Hobgoblin. Morigan finally got George to fall into the pit, as Gavail came running down the hall. Marek, Amarat, and Anna fought off the Barghests and Ogres, while a powerful Hobgoblin fought Tal, Gavail, and Morigan.

The Ogres turned out to be minions, so Marek didn't have too much of a problem with his foes. They kept him busy, but not in too much danger. George started climbing back out of the pit as the Hobgoblin used a power that knocked Gavail into the pit. Tal retaliated by using her Sequestering Strike power to teleport the Hobgoblin into the pit.

After the battle, Morigan and Gavail (well, Jesse and Ted) talked through their differences, and we all agreed not to kill Morigan. (For now.) We explored the rest of the level and found an altar. We saw some glowing arcane symbols and decided they had to be destroyed. During the process Tal and Gavail were hit by an arcane spell which caused ongoing damage. It was "save ends", so each of would roll a saving throw, take damage if we failed, and repeat. Tal made her saving throw on the first try. Meanwhile Gavail failed seven consecutive saving throws and dropped to the floor.

A quick heal later, we decide it was time for a break. We locked ourselves in one of the rooms, blocked the door, and took an extended rest. And that's where we ended the session.

Obsidian Portal Entry

+2 Sacrificial Longsword, lvl 6 (Marek the Silver)
Alchemy gloves, lvl 6 (Morigan McBane)
Iron Armbands of Power, lvl 6 (Talindra Seryth)
Sandals of the precise Step, lvl 6 (Anna Bella)

Scrolls (Gavail)
Comrades' succor, lvl1
Bolster Object, lvl 6
Thunderstone, lvl 5
Corpselike Visage, lvl 6
Smokestick, lvl 6
Undead Servitor, lvl 6

Total XP 4440/6= 740 each

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  1. Oh, about the title for this blog entry... I like to sing the wrong song lyrics on purpose. Often it's song specific, for example, "Here's a quarter, call someone who cares" becomes "Ned McWherter just fell down the stairs." But there's also some words I tend to substitute a lot, for instance I'll say "thighs" instead of "eyes" ("She's got Bette Davis thighs"). Anyway, one of my more prevalent substitutions is "slug" for "love". It works well because it can be a noun or a verb... "Money can't buy me slugs" or "Slug the one you're with." So anyway, that's why I referenced Pat Benatar's song in the title; some of these jokes are just for me.