Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dark Sun: A Miner Problem

Game Date: 12/4/10

DM: Jesse
Brogahn (Matt) - Dwarfish Mul Shield Fighter
Flint (Ted) - Longtooth Shifter Melee Ranger
Malice (Leigha) - Goliath Barbarian
Chef Lopan (Rusty) - Halfling Shaman

The Session:
This was a special session. Since Nick was unavailable, we did a one-off adventure that might possibly be the intro to a future campaign.

We started off as slaves, all working for the same master. Our group was traveling when we encountered an army of freedom fighters. We improvised some weapons and sided with the attackers, battling our own guards. It was a very difficult battle. I rolled horribly and got hit with some nasty attacks, going down twice but surviving the battle.

After the battle we were free to make our own way in the world. We traveled to the town of Tyr. There had been a recent revolution in Tyr, so the system of government was in a state of flux. We managed to barter with some of our stolen supplies, and got enough money for a room at the inn. The next morning we got jobs as miners.

Our first day mining was uneventful. My character, Brogahn, did very poorly and was nearly fired for his ineptitude. The following day, we learned of an exciting development - metal (which is rare in Dark Sun) had been discovered in the mines. We went to work and mined a good deal of metal.

Our success in the mines was discovered by some of the other miners, who attacked us so they could take credit for the find. Once we defeated them, we reported our success and gained a lot of prestige in town.

Soon we heard rumors that the town's councilman wanted to see us. Out-of-character, this confused me a little. I could have sworn it had been established earlier that the town was in a state of anarchy, with no formal leadership. Anyway, we headed for the councilman's palace and asked to see him.

The councilman was worried about some bandits that had been gathering on the outskirts of town. He was afraid that they were gathering their forces to attack Tyr. So we went out at night to find a bandit camp.

When we arrived, most of the bandits were asleep, and only two were keeping watch. We sent the Barbarian and the Ranger to sneak around back, each entering a different tent. They each managed to kill one sleeping bandit before initiative. Because of this, it was an easy battle.

Afterwards we found a note. There was a bit of a debate over whether we were even literate - the ability to read being uncommon in Dark Sun, especially for slaves. The note said to search the mountain North of Tyr to find a passage.

The next morning we started searching for the passage. Once we found it, we encountered a group of people contemplating some large crystals. They attacked when they saw us. We fought two Dwarves, two Bone Golems, and their leader. When the leader got low on health, she impaled herself on one of the crystals. After the battle, we noticed that her blood wasn't spilling on the ground, and instead was being soaked up into the crystal.

And that ended the session.

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