Sunday, January 9, 2011

Artifact Hunters: Embracing Your Inner Dwarf

Game Date: 1/8/2011
DM: Nick

The Party (Level 5):

Amarat; a.k.a. Tam (Tamara) - Elf Rogue
Gavil Pontiff (Ted) - Eladrin Wizard
Marek the Silver (Rusty) - Dragonborn Paladin
Morigan McBane (Jesse) - Human Artificer
Talindra Seryth (Matt) - Razorclaw Shifter Avenger

Our Monk couldn't make it this week, so the encounters took a little longer than they otherwise would have. She was definitely missed. Ted has informed me that I've been spelling "Gavil" wrong all this time (though it's still pronounced "Guh-VALE").

The Session:
We arrived in Cimbar and found the shop of Feril Biliken. As we were looking for some clues in the ruined shop, we encountered a Sword Wraith in the basement. There was a large crevasse upstairs which made things interesting. A couple of party members stayed upstairs and shot down through the hole, while the rest of us fought the Wraith in person downstairs. At one point the Wraith flew upwards through the hole and attacked the upstairs party members, forcing those of us downstairs to switch to ranged attacks.

Once we found what we needed in the shop, we had to find the old Mining Authority, to look up some records. Morigan took point in investigating the badly decaying building. She soon encountered a pair of Dwarven Ghost Legionnaires, and was quickly dominated by one of them. The rest of us entered the site, unaware that our Artificer was possessed. Morigan attacked Marek. Amarat tried to come to his aid, but fell down a hole into the building's lower level. Tal wasted no time in attacking Morigan, while Gavil kept her distance to fire off some spells.

Once Marek dropped Morigan, the Dwarf Ghost left her body and began attacking Marek. The other Dwarf Ghost then dominated Tal, but thanks to a saving throw granted by Marek, Tal was free before her turn came up again. On Tal's turn, she immediately shoved a healing potion down Morigan's throat. The other party members asked her why she was so quick to help Morigan, who had been attacking the party. Tal answered, "I know what it's like to have a Dwarf inside you." (Having spent much of her life sequestered from society, Tal doesn't get the concept of double entendres.)

Amarat looked around the lower level, then climbed the stairs and was stuck at a locked door for a few rounds. Marek's squire Sleepy distributed some healing potions to keep the party alive, until he heard Amarat knocking at the door. The squire bashed open the door and Amarat rejoined the battle. Gavil used a sleep spell which hurt the party as much as the enemies. When we finally dropped one of the Ghosts, they both died simultaneously.

Downstairs, Marek fell into a pit and we were attacked by a pair of Wailing Ghosts. They had a scream which knocked each of us back several squares and immobilized us. This made it a difficult battle for the melee types. Amarat got pushed around the corner, keeping her out of the battle entirely until she could make her saving throw (which took a while). But eventually we defeated them, explored the rest of the building, and called it a night.

Obsidian Portal Entry

1544 gp
1822 gp in Rare Books
400 gp (8 lbs of gold nuggets)
(above totals 3766 gp total, 627 gp each)
3 vials of Dark Toxin Poison
+2 Drakescale Armor of Resistance: Necrotic (lvl7, Marek)
Resplendent Gloves (lvl5, Gavail)
Shield of Protection (lvl 3, Marek)

7000 total, 1400 each.
Current PC XP: 6,900

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