Monday, January 17, 2011

Artifact Hunters: Minecart Mayhem

Game Date: 1/15/2011
DM: Nick

The Party (Level 5):

Anna Bella (Leigha) - Halfling Monk
Gavil Pontiff (Ted) - Eladrin Wizard
Marek the Silver (Rusty) - Dragonborn Paladin
Morigan McBane (Jesse) - Human Artificer
Talindra Seryth (Matt) - Razorclaw Shifter Avenger

The Session:
We took an  extended rest inside the Mining Authority building.  As we were getting ready to leave, we heard some voices outside the door.  Someone was planning to attack and rob us.  We briefly debated on whether to burst through the door and attack, or attempt a little diplomacy.  Just for the heck of it, we decided to try talking to them.

We opened the door to see a Hill Giant, an Airsoul Genasi Sky Spy, and two Watersoul Genasi Hydromancers.  They were not to be reasoned with, so we fought.  Once the Hill Giant and the Sky Spy were bloodied, Marek attempted to Intimidate them into surrendering.  He rolled a 20, and with an Intimidate bonus of something like 15, he successfully caused them to flee.  The Hydromancers, on the other hand, fought to the death, and it was still a fairly significant encounter.  Their "Whirling Vortex" power was fairly potent, and the power recharged often.  Talk about your hard water!  *ducks*

Nick told me later that behind the screen, the fleeing Sky Spy kept trying to convince the Hill Giant to turn around and rejoin the battle.  But the Spy kept rolling low numbers, and couldn't talk him into it.

After the battle, our guide, Manganese, gave us a theory on the movement of nearby Earthmotes.  They appeared to be going in a circular pattern similar to that of water going down a drain.  Manganese explained that the center of the "drain" would mostly likely be an Earthnode we needed to find.  Morigan quickly did some impressive computations to figure out where the Earthnode would be, based on the locations of the Earthmotes and the directions they were moving.  But then Manganese pulled out a map, which already had the location on it.

Our destination turned out to be a hole in the ground.  After a bit of debate on how best to climb down into it, we found ourselves in a mine.  We saw several mine carts and a track.  We had two tunnels to choose from, and chose the one on the right.  Ever the brave adventurer, Morigan was the first to climb into a cart and shoot off down the track, while the rest of us stood around going, "Is this a good idea?"

Next we sent in Gavil's scathebeast mount/familiar George, to go along the walls and telepathically tell Gavil what it saw.  But George is pretty slow, so we finally decided to get in our own carts and follow Morrigan.

There were several skill checks to stay in the carts while they went around sharp turns at high speeds.  Tal and Anna fell out early on, but landed near each other.  Morigan and Marek also fell out of their carts near each other, but much farther down the tunnel.  Gavil was the only one to successfully ride the cart all the way.  Near the end of the track, she saw her cart about to hit some spikes protruding from the wall, so she used Fey Step to exit the cart.  When she saw the other carts were empty, she sat down and waited for us.

Tal and Anna (or as I like to call them, "Team T&A") found themselves in a 10-foot wide tunnel.  They began walking.  Soon they saw a mace floating in the air, and thanks to a couple of failed Perception checks, they didn't see why.  Anna tried to grab the mace, and was sucked into a Gelatinous Cube.

Simultaneously, but much farther down the tunnel, Marek and Morigan ("Team M&M") climbed back up to the track.  They hoped to use the track to avoid any encounters in the tunnel below, using their rope in ways I still don't entirely understand to speed up their trip.  In a little while they came across some Ochre Jelly, and fought it.

Meanwhile, Gavil built a fire.

Anna broke free of her Gelatinous Cube and moved away, but the Cube was still blocking our path.  Tal hit it with Sequestering Strike, which teleported the Cube behind them.  Unfortunately, the power also makes Tal teleport to an adjacent square, so she still had to end her turn next to the Cube.  On the Cube's turn, it engulfed Tal.

Marek and Morigan continued to fight the Ochre Jelly, which split into two Jellies once it was bloodied.  But the two Jellies were still 2x2 monsters (might want to look that up) in a 10-foot wide tunnel, so M&M only had to fight one of them at a time.

Meanwhile, Gavil made some tea.

Tal finally managed to escape the Cube and move away from it on the same turn.  Now that T&A were both on the the right side of the cube, they simply outran the slow-moving monster.  M&M killed both of their Jellies, and continued down the tunnel.  The four of us eventually reached Gavil, and we all enjoyed some tea.

Soon the sounds of our reunion attracted a bunch of bugs.  Two giant Tangler Beetles, two Bug Swarms, and 2 Fire Beetles.  It was a small room, without a lot of space for movement. However, we all knew we were going to do an extended rest after this battle, so we let loose with our best dailies.  We had three overlapping zones going on, covering most of the room and giving the enemies all sorts of status effects.  Marek Divine Challenged everybody, so they all had to stay in the zones to attack him.  Everyone who had burst attacks used them on the swarms as often as possible.  Some of the enemies had some nasty attacks, especially the swarms, but our powerful tactics exterminated them pretty quickly.

After the battle, we took an extended rest, and ended the session for the night.

There is no Artifact Hunters game for the next two Saturdays.  On the 22nd we will be playing Gamma World while Nick gets drunk at a beer festival.  So far there's no game at all on the 29th, as Rusty will be out of town.  Our next Artifact Hunters session should be on 2/5.

Obsidian Portal Entry

836 gp (from the hill Giant/Genasi marauders in Cimbar)
400 gp (8lb chunk of gold in beetle room)
750 sp (15lb chunk of silver in Beetle room)
Total: 1311 gp; Each: 262 gp, 2 sp

1800 (Hill Giant and posse)
750 (mine Cart attacks)
400 Gelatinous Cube
300 Ochre Jelly
1300 Beetles
Total: 4550 xp; Each:910 xp

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