Saturday, March 5, 2011

Artifact Hunters: Dungeons and Dragonborn

Game Date: 3/5/2011
DM: Nick

The Party (Level 6):

Anna Bella (Leigha) - Halfling Monk
Marek the Silver (Rusty) - Dragonborn Paladin
Morigan McBane (Jesse) - Human Artificer
Talindra Seryth (Matt) - Razorclaw Shifter Avenger

The Session:
Last session we entered some caves, and rested after killing a room full of bugs.  Once we were ready to fight again, we cleared the rubble separating us from the next room.  We found ourselves overlooking a 30-foot drop, at the bottom of which waited four Rage Drakes.  There was also particularly annoying Portal Drake.  He managed to split our party right from the start, by teleporting Marek into the midst of the Rage Drakes.  But Marek wasn't worried; he's a walking bag of hit points.

Once three of the Rage Drakes were down, Marek intimidated the fourth one.  Marek is now the proud owner of a Rage Drake mount, something he'd been wanting since the beginning of the campaign.  He probably won't get a chance to ride it before the end of the campaign, but it's still cool to see a wish fulfilled.  For now, we left the Drake in its den, so it could heal up.

We explored the caverns a bit longer, until we came to a split.  We took the right fork, because we could hear some voices speaking an ancient Draconic dialect.  We fought two black-scaled Dragonborn warriors.  Once we took them out, we fought two more Dragonborn warriors, along with their boss, a Dragonborn Acid Adept.  He had the very powerful ability to create walls of acid.

Once he was defeated, we explored a bit further, and met an elderly Dragonborn who seemed very sad about the deaths of his kin.  He wasn't a threat to us, but Morigan killed him anyway.  We turned a corner in the cave tunnels, and came across their nesting area.  There were about a dozen Dragonborn in there, tending to the eggs.  Nothing in the room could have been considered a threat - all that were left were the children, elderly, and caregivers. 

At this point, we had a bit of a debate.  These Dragonborn were harmless, sure, but they were also raising the next generation of Tiamat-worshippers.  Ever bloodthirsty, Morigan pushed for exterminating the lot.  Meanwhile Marek turned his back on the room, wanting no part of the upcoming slaughter.  Tal was conflicted... she has dedicated her life to destroying Bane-worshippers, and Tiamat is Bane's ally.  But she really wasn't sure if her god would want her to commit mass murder.

In the end, we let them live.  They gave us some valuable information regarding the item we seek, and hinted at the dangers we will soon face.  We decided to rest in one of their tents.  We could still decide to kill them next session, but for now we're taking the peaceful road.

Obsidian Portal Entry

Total Xp: 3,000
750 each

Current PC XP: 8560

410 gp
Amulet of Physical Resolve +1 (Marek)
Deep-Pocket Cloak +2 (Morigan)

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