Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unlikely Heroes: I'm A Lumberjack And I'm Okay

Game Date: 9/24/2011
DM: Rusty

The Party:
Adrilar (Greg): Elf Sorcerer
Davor (Ted): Half-Orc Sorcerer
Durp "Fisto" DuDerp (Cliff): Half-Elf Bard
Glynnyn (Tamara): Elf Druid
Keyanna (Chere): Half-Elf Dragonblood Sorcerer
Nishallivexiania "Vex" Corman (Matt): Half-Elf Monk
Ranell (Michael): Halfling Barbarian

The Session:
Last session ended with us preparing to tackle a room full of kobolds.  We began today's session facing the Kobold King, along with a pair of his finest guards.  The King was sitting on a giant dead centipede, wearing a stone crown.  He offered to give us the honor of being his sacrifices, but for some reason we turned him down and attacked instead.

The King cast a sleep spell which knocked out several members of our party.  On Keyanna's turn, she figured turnabout was fair play, and cast the same spell.  Her spell incapacitated the King and one of the guards, after which the battle ended pretty quickly.

Ranell put on a lot of the King's best equipment, and we proceeded down a side hall.  We found the King's consort, but she surrendered and we decided not to kill her (yet).  Down another hallway we found a sacrifice being performed.  A kobold shaman, guarded by two warriors, was ritualistically killing a couple of prisoners.  He tore the heart out of a sorceress, and was about to kill a young boy when we attacked.  After the battle, we looted the area, and found that we'd searched everywhere we knew to look.  Still no Jevra.

Ranell then slit the throat of the kobold consort before anyone could object, and we headed back to the upper levels.  We had a bit of trouble climbing back up the well, but eventually we made it (thankfully without disturbing that Forge Spurned creature).  As we entered the courtyard, Jevra came running up to us.  While we were thankful for her return, we had a bit of trouble believing her story.

Jevra had been showing off, and took the kids to see the ruins of the old orphanage.  But that area had proven too dangerous, so the kids went to the monastery instead, where they were captured by kobolds and separated.  That much of the story we already knew from the other children.  Jevra went on to tell us that she'd managed to survive by killing two kobolds and hiding.  Granted, kobolds aren't the scariest entries in the monster manual, but it still seemed an unlikely accomplishment by someone as young as Jevra.

We pressured her on it, and finally got her to admit there was something she hadn't been telling us.  As it turns out, her parents had been killed by werewolves, and Jevra herself had been bitten during the attack.  So she might be turning into a werewolf herself.  Ranell wanted to kill her right there, but we've decided to do whatever we can for her.  We knew that the local druids have been known to work with the werewolves, and we wondered if they might be able to help us.  They might not have an actual cure for lycanthropy, but at least they might know a way to help Jevra control it.

As we searched through the woods, hoping Glynnyn could find signs of druidic activity, we saw a hill giant.  We tried to hide, but several of the party members failed miserably, so we decided to try diplomacy instead.  The giant staggered as he walked, and we noticed he was crying.  We greeted him and asked him what was wrong.  The giant said that he'd been out drinking with some ogres, and had taken off his wedding ring so he could hit on some hot ogresses.  After that he must have had a lot to drink, because now he couldn't even remember where this drinking had taken place.  He was afraid to go home and face his wife without his wedding ring.

We offered to find the ring.  It wasn't difficult to track his path, and soon we found some smashed kegs and dead ogres.  His ring was easy to find, and we returned it to the giant.  He thanked us, then promptly regurgitated on Ranell and Keyanna.  He told us his name was Kardoblog, and he said that he'd remember us.  We won't hold our breath, but you never know.  Sometimes these "thorn in the paw" encounters pay off.  On our way back to town, we noticed some unusually large crows in the distance. 

We reached town just as they were getting ready to lock the gates for the night.  Once inside, we split up and started working on different tasks.  Orders of the day included baths for the puked upon, bartering for the loot-laden, inquiries of druidic activity, and lycanthropic security.  We took Jevra to the church and reported Jevra's problem.  The priestess first offered to kill Jevra with fire, but we talked her into just chaining Jevra up at night.

Over the course of the next few days, we got a few things done.  Jevra's friends gave us a tip about druids in the forest south of town.  Durp got his stone hand uncursed.  And we finally got to see the inside of the tower we're planning to rent.  It's three stories tall.  The first floor is made of stone, and the higher floors are made of wood.  There's also a basement.  The place hasn't been lived in for a while, so it's in a bad state of disrepair.  While exploring one crawlspace, we discovered the tower's trash/sewage system - several holes that drop into the lair of an Otyugh (a waste-eating monster).  The party is currently looking into hiring people to fix up the tower.  We're drawing up a floor plan that will hopefully give everyone enough room, so we can have a decent base of operations.

One morning there was a knock at our doors.  Kreed, the town's most influential citizen, wanted to see us.  We were rude to him as usual, because we don't want to end up as his lackeys.  Kreed told us that one of his lumber camps had been attacked, and many lumberjacks had been slaughtered.  While we detest being in Kreed's employ, we accepted the job due to the nobility of the mission... and the money was just too good.

Kreed sent a small army of lumberjacks with us, which we immediately deemed to be cannon fodder.  (Lumberjacks wear red shirts, right?)  He also sent his right-hand man, Payday.  Along the way, we came across a flock of large crows feeding on a dead horse.  Keyanna cast sleep on a few of them, causing the rest to fly off and start making lots of noise.  We didn't stick around.

After several hours we came across the lumber camp.  Some of the buildings were on fire.  While we stood around debating on where to look first, some of our group was struck by lightning.  We quickly ran behind some of the buildings.  It soon became apparent what had attacked the camp, as we were ambushed by kobolds.  Adrilar, already injured by the lightning, was reduced to 0 by the first kobold attack.  It seemed like a good enough cliffhanger, so we ended the session there.

Next week is WingFest, and the week after that is Nashville Zombie Walk, so there's no game until October 15th.

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