Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Unlikely Heroes: And Another One Down

Game Date: 2/25/2012
DM: Rusty

The Party:
Derp DuDerp (Cliff): Half-Elf Bard
Keyanna (Chere): Half-Elf Sorcerer
Marrick (Greg): Dwarf Knight
Starr (Star): Eladrin Paladin
Teddi (Ted):  Dwarf Warlock

The Session:
I missed this session.  Here is a recap, graciously submitted by Chere:

First, we took stock after the carnival of who was dead that we knew. Derp reappeared with several children in tow, including Kreed's son, who he had kept safe during the fight with the Cold Rider.  Unfortunately, our maid, Rala, died at the carnival. We also have noticed that the brothel (thieves den) has been closed for about a week now (after the carnival closed).

A town council (consisting of the mayor, Kreed, the sheriff, the fey queen and our group) met to discuss the deforestation issues and land rights.

The nightly killings (the reason that we took Jevra out of town) is continuing. We set up nightly patrols. At first, we patrol together and attacks always happen where we aren’t patrolling. (hmmm-suspiciously like someone know where we will be). So we break up and patrol various areas alone but within communication range of one of the others. Merrick hears a noise in an alley and sees someone exit an alley. He gives chase and with the help of Teddi, they capture the killer, knocking him unconscious. Keyanna arrives on the scene as Merrick goes back to aid the victim. As Teddi and Keyanna look at the killer, it is Hollan, our stable boy! Keyanna disarms him of his razor blade gloves and other weapons and ties his hands. The sheriff is sent for. Once Hollan is in custody, we try to question him about his motives for the killing. Derp returns to the keep to search Hollan’s room. He finds a trap door under Hollan’s straw mattress. Upon opening the door, Derp discovers a gruesome collection of body parts, bones, and other shiny objects. It was discovered that Hollan has a multiple personality disorder and remembers nothing of the killings.

The victim of the last attack was a man named Heinrich who was out alone do his job, emptying chamber pots. Merrick helps the man home and meets his wife, Glenda, and nephew, Ulris. We ask the sheriff about the family. The couple lost a child at the carnival and the nephew lost his parents at the carnival. They are good, hard-working, honest people. We offer them a job to be caretakers of our keep. Heinrick will be the caretaker and work on repairs, while Glenda will cook and clean. Ulris will take care of the stable. We pay the family two and a half gold per week (quite a windfall for them and they can’t seem to move in fast enough!) We give them 30 Gold to cover 6 weeks of pay. We also leave them with a small strongbox with 20 gold in various coins to take care of household expenses and projects. Glenda wants to start a kitchen garden and begins work on that.

We head to get our artifacts from the professor. We arrive as the exhibit ends and gather our items. We stop in Ulfden on our return. We do some shopping but when we regroup, Derp is missing. He went to find the person who traded him the banner. We go in search for Derp. After questioning several people, we are led to a pottery barn, which is a cover for the thieves’ gambling den. Merrick and Teddi speak about feeling “lucky” which is the code for those present that they are interested in gambling. After paying 30 gold, they are led down a secret door to the gambling hall. Keyanna and Starr stay in the pottery barn and throw pots. Starr is quite good at it, and Keyanna..well…not so much! But Starr creates a beautiful urn for Dalia’s remains. As Merrick and Teddi look around the gambling hall, they don’t see Derp but do see opium dealers. They search the opium rooms off the gambling hall and Teddi discovers Derp tied up and drugged. As he helps him out of the room, they are attacked by a bunch of burly men. Fighting ensues and doesn’t go well for Merrick, Teddi and Derp (as Derp is dazed). Starr and Keyanna are unaware of the fight but feel vibrations in the floor and feel uneasy so they go to check things out. The ladies join the fight. Merrick and Teddi both are taken down, making death saves. Despite all attempts to save him, Teddi is lost to us. Once we leave the pottery barn, Derp is able to tell us that the boss here is the same pimp that ran the brothel at Falcon’s Hollow.

3 days of travel to return to Falcon’s Hollow. We talk to the sheriff about the pimp and what happened in Ulfden. Later, at the keep, our group discusses the possibilities of a dungeon in the brothel that has been closed up. We decide to investigate ourselves. We sneak in and discover two bodies in the basement. Merrick goes for the sheriff but is met at the door by law enforcement who saw our lights. We tell them that we “smelled an odor that needed to be checked out”. We told them about the two bodies. The Sheriff and Magistrate investigates the brothel and the deaths. The magistrate decides to auction all items in the brothel. We approach him about a bulk sale for the household type furniture. We buy cheaply made but serviceable pieces for our keep and to donate the rest to those in need. For 200 Gold, we got 6 bedroom sets, a full kitchen set-up, and 12 dining sets. We will keep and use what we need until we can buy better quality items.

We hear about “burly” men who’ve come to town to replace some of the lumberjacks lost at the carnival. We go to the dive bar to look and see if any are the ones we ran into in Ulfden. We also hear that Kreed has a new girlfriend. Derp and Keyanna are invited to dinner by Kreed. The new girlfriend is the woman we helped to escape from the ice wand at the carnival. She left the ringmaster and had hooked up with Kreed. Unfortunately, during dinner, we notice that she has quite the nasty attitude.

Derp pays the street urchins to keep an eye out and to let him know if the see the old half-orc who ran the brothel. Kimi comes to the door one night and gets Derp. She tells him about an old gravedigger who is at the inn talking about the undead coming soon. We go to the inn and listen to the old man. He says that there are dozens of undead coming and they are not far outside the gates! Townfolk dismiss the old man as a fanatic and crazy. Merrick and Derp go up on the ramparts to look anyway. They yell down that there are what seems to be undead headed toward the gates. Kimi is sent to inform the sheriff while we tell the guards to secure the gate after we exit. We go outside the gates and make out way toward the undead. We begin the attack. After a moment, we notice a beast in the distance who turns into a woman. We are soon attacked by several more undead. It seems that this woman is directing the undead. However, we soon realize that the undead are attacking her as well. Our session ended after the first wave of undead are gone, with another wave approaching.

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