Saturday, June 9, 2012

D&DNext Playtest: Level 2

Game Date: 6/9/12
DM: Rusty
Chere - Dwarf Cleric
Greg - Elf Wizard
Matt - Dwarf Fighter
Star - Human Cleric
Ted - Halfling Rogue

Today we played some more of the D&DNext Playtest.  We used level 2 characters this time, so we were a bit sturdier and a had a few more abilities available.

We started by checking out another cave.  On our way in, we were ambushed by several kobolds.  We managed to kill a few, and the rest fled.  We continued into the cave.  Inside, we heard some voices and discovered a pit trap.  The party rogue tiptoed around the trap and discovered some kobolds in another side hallway.  No sooner had we dispatched them when a large swarm of rats approached us from down another hall.

The swarm didn't hit hard, but they were plentiful enough to give us a lot of trouble.  During the battle, a couple of the party fell into the pit trap, leaving fewer of us to face the swarm.  The rogue found himself surrounded, and very nearly died.  But eventually we managed to finish off the rats and heal the rogue.

After a short rest, we sent the rogue exploring.  He discovered the kobold den, where about 40 of the creatures went about their daily activities.  In another hallway he saw four kobold guards.  He returned to the group to report, and we debated what to do next.  Finally the rogue went back out into the hall, and caused a commotion to bring the kobolds to us.  The only ones that came running were the four guards, who we took out fairly quickly. 

The group crept into the guard chamber, and opened another door.  There we fought a few more kobolds, including their leader.  Our wizard charmed one of them, and we picked off the rest one by one.  Once they were dead, we couldn't find any more unexplored hallways.  We decided not to disturb the ones in the den, and we left this cave.

In another cave, higher up the valley, we saw a bunch of heads on posts.  Once again we sent our rogue ahead to scout the area.  Soon we were attacked by orcs, and unfortunately the rogue was blocked in by all our enemies.  We were pretty sure there was a TPK in our future, but the orcs weren't as hard as they looked.  The rogue did get knocked down to zero once again, but we managed to heal him before he died.  Once we finished off the final orc, we beheaded them, and replaced the heads on the posts with orc heads.  We ended the session there.

Kobold Ambush - Kobolds represented by Jawas.

The rogue sidesteps a pit trap and discovers kobolds in a hallway.

A swarm of rats scurries down the hallway towards us.

The rat swarm corners the rogue, while others keep the fighter and cleric busy.

Facing off against the kobold leader.

Kobold leader sure is cute, eh?

Confronting the Orcs.

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