Saturday, June 30, 2012

Unlikely Heroes: The Grubby Squinkies of Death

Game Date: 6/30/2012
DM: Rusty

The Party:
Derp DuDerp (Cliff): Half-Elf Bard
Flora Oakwillow (Matt): Hamadryad Seeker
Keyanna (Chere): Half-Elf Sorcerer
Lo-Kang (Ted): Warforged Barbarian
Marrick (Shanky): Dwarf Knight
Starr (Star): Eladrin Paladin

Most Expensive Miniature Ever
The Session:
Our last session ended mid-battle, so today we got right to the action.  As expected, this Wraith was a big ol' bag of regenerating hit points, and took quite a long time to kill.  Lo-Kang, who last session had spent most of the battle immobilized, finally made a successful saving throw... and almost immediately got dazed.  Twice. 

Derp tried to use Diplomacy, using his Words of Friendship to roll a 32.  "Oh, you're here to serve the Dark Lord?" the Wraith asked.  "Could you slay the Paladin (Starr) for me?  She's really annoying."  Unable to keep up such a charade, Derp gave up on sweet talk and went back to attacking the Wraith like the rest of us.  The Wraith really hated the Paladin, and focused its attacks on her.  Starr was almost dead when we finally killed the Wraith.

At this point we really needed an extended rest.  We went back to a room we'd found last session, where we'd seen a priest encased in a crystal.  The Wraith had burst out of him to chase us, but now that the Wraith was dead the priest was able to help us.  He used some of his power to give us an instantaneous extended rest.  Then he joined our party and we continued our search.

We arrived at an oddly-shaped room, with six rounded alcoves containing sarcophagi.  In the center of the room was a Bone Golem.  He charged at us and bloodied Lo-Kang on his first hit.  He had high AC and a fiery aura that extended two squares.  Whenever he knocked one of us to zero, that triggered an additional attack on the dying character.  Due to this, we almost lost Marrick and Starr in this battle.  As it was, we used up a few Dailies and debated about taking another extended rest after the battle.

There's a dirty joke in there somewhere.

We decided to tough it out and live with a short rest.  We backtracked a little and went down the last unexplored hallway.  We opened a set of doors and saw a Mummy-like creature.  He wasn't hard to kill, but he summoned a Rot Grub Swarm during the fight.  When the Mummy was defeated, he exploded into several more Rot Grub Swarms.  This was the real battle, and it took a bit of time.  We all did our part, but only Keyanna had the necessary area spells to do significant damage.  Once the last Grub had been destroyed, we ended the session. 

Cutest Rot Grubs Ever!
It looks like we might be coming up on the Big Bad soon.  We're (presumably) taking a short rest in front of the next set of double doors, but we should discuss whether or not we're going to try another extended rest.  Note to self:  During the short rest, Flora needs to resummon her Displacer Beast companion, who was killed by Rot Grubs.

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