Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ozcroft: The Missing Jester

Stardate: 2012.08.11
GM: Rusty

The Crew:
Baron Ozwald Haff (Greg): Captain, Navigator
Dr. Melinda Warren (Star): Medical Officer
Dreya D'Nalor (Chere): Pilot
Lord Kendrick Meadowcroft (Ted): Purser
M.C. "Jester" Slate (Cliff): Pilot
Malta Klonk (Matt): Engineer, Steward

The Session:
The session began in the Heffry sector, where we bought some small vehicles to sell elsewhere.  Next we jumped to Forboldn, sold the vehicles, and bought a submarine (again to hopefully sell in the next sector).

Ozwald and Jester went out drinking, and were approached by a man offering them a moving job.  They were hired to deliver some lab equipment for a professor named Scrafandapalous Stephanopoulos Snuffaluffagus something-or-another.  Ozwald, being a bit of a layabout, paid some beggars to do his portion of the work.  When Jester, the professor, and the beggars reached the lab, Jester dropped a box.  The box started to vibrate, someone yelled "No!", and everything went black.

Ozwald went to the lab, but found the entire floor was empty.  He then started asking around town about Jester's whereabouts.  He found some of the beggars' friends, but they didn't have any useful information.  Meanwhile, Jester woke up to the sounds of chanting.  He was tied up, along with the professor and the beggars.  It appeared that they were about to get cooked by a primitive tribe.  He asked how they got here, and the professor answered, "You must have dropped the teleporter."

Ozwald let the rest of the crew know about Jester's disappearance.  We tried to contact Jester's communicator, but got no answer.  Then we took the ship's boat out to try contacting Jester from other points around the planet.  Still no luck.  We went and alerted the officials, who deputized Kendrick and modified our ship with some better sensors.  (We're supposed to give the sensors back once we find them.  We'll see.)  Unfortunately, the new equipment still couldn't locate Jester.

Next we went to the professor's apartment, raided his safe, and started reading his notes.  Apparently he had discovered some alien tech in the ocean.  So we unpacked our submarine, hired a sub pilot, and took it to the area the professor had indicated.  There, we found a large underwater dome.  After we docked, we found that gravity was reversed inside the dome.  The dome's corridors went in multiple directions, and gravity would orient itself based on the direction of the hallway.  There were several doors to choose from, which would open in an iris-pattern as we approached them.

Meanwhile, in the jungle, Jester untied himself and fired a warning shot at the tribal chief.  While the natives pondered his boomstick, Jester and the other prisoners ran for their lives. 

Back in the dome, we explored some of the rooms.  In one room we found some round mats on the walls, which we could sit on due to the room's manipulation of gravity.  In another room we saw some holes on the wall.  We theorized this might be some sort of alien restroom, and left quickly before Ozwald could experiment with them.  (Given Greg's tendency to discover perversity potential in the most innocuous of places, we didn't want to give him any obvious ammo.)

Down another corridor we saw a door that was wedged open.  The room was in shambles, with what looked like alien toys scattered on the floor.  Ozwald picked up what looked like a jack-in-the-box, and turned the crank.  When the lid opened, a bubble floated out.  Inside the bubble we could see a jungle.  We decided to check out one more room before examining the bubble box further.  In the final room we saw a large chair set in a gyroscope, with an attached helmet.  The helmet looked like it was designed to read brainwaves, but the sensors weren't located where they would be for a human.

Back in the toy room, we made the bubble appear again.  Wanting to see if it was a portal or just a viewscreen, Ozwald picked up a toy off the floor - a small "army man" shaped like a centaur - and threw it at the bubble.  The toy landed in the jungle, then turned into a real centaur, who ran off into the forest.  While Ozwald pondered this, Kendrick shoved him into the bubble.

Ozwald found himself standing in the jungle.  They threw in another centaur, and Ozwald tried to talk to it.  It wouldn't listen, and attacked Ozwald.  Ozzy drew his gun and blew the centaur's head off.  When it died, it turned back into a centaur, but with its head still gone.  Kendrick joined Ozwald in the jungle, while the rest of us stayed in the toy room.  They found that they could now reach Jester on the communicator, but they weren't close enough to hear each other's gunshots.

Meanwhile, Jester and the professor were still on the run from the natives.  The beggars had already been picked off, and the professor ran into a giant venus flytrap.  Jester started cutting the flytrap's stalk in hopes of freeing the professor.  And that's where we ended the session.

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