Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ozcroft: Interrogation

Stardate: 2012.08.18
GM: Rusty

The Crew:
Baron Ozwald Haff (Greg): Captain, Navigator
Dr. Melinda Warren (Star): Medical Officer
Dreya D'Nalor (Chere): Pilot
Lord Kendrick Meadowcroft (Ted): Purser
M.C. "Jester" Slate (Cliff): Pilot
Malta Klonk (Matt): Engineer, Steward

The Session:
Short session today.  When we left off, Jester was in the forest being chased by pygmies, and his professor companion had been eaten by a giant venus flytrap.  Jester managed to cut down the flytrap and free the professor, who fell unconscious from his injuries.  Jester then fired his weapon at the pygmies until the survivors fled.

Elsewhere in the forest, Kendrick and Ozwald called Jester again on the communicator.  They asked him to fire off a flare, and saw that Jester was about six miles away.  One long hike later, the foursome prepared to leave this strange jungle.  Ozwald opened the jack-in-the-box portal generator, and allowed the others to go through first.  As Ozwald tried to jump through the portal, a vine grabbed his leg.  He spent a few minutes cutting through the vines as the entire forest seemed to come alive.  Finally he freed himself and jumped through the portal.

The party finally reunited in the underwater dome, where we licked our wounds and headed back to the submarine.  On the way, we asked the professor more about this ancient research lab, the "toys" we saw, and the jungle.  He believed that the jungle was on Pscias 3, a planet 4 sectors away.  Jester in particular was very angry with the professor for all the trouble we'd been through, but the professor admonished us by saying, "Any idiot knows not to mess around with ancient technology."  Just for that, we charged him 100 credits for the sub ride back.

We reached the docks, and found our ship's boat surrounded by constables.  We were taken in to custody by the Malorative Society (the planet's colonizers) for a debriefing. Our interrogations required a few diplomacy rolls, and when those went badly we had to make endurance checks to resist torture.  Kendrick rolled so well that he was treated like royalty, while Jester had electric eels attached to places where eels should not be.  Malta proved surprisingly resistant to torture, to the point that we wonder what she does for fun in her spare time.

Finally they let us go.  We sold our submarine, making a tidy profit, and left the planet.  Next up, the Knorbes system.

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