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30 Day D&D Challenge - Day 31 - Bonus Questions

Note - This post is part of the 30 Day D&D Challenge.  Well, sort of.

Day 31 - Bonus Questions

Not to put down the person who put this list together, but there were a few questions I thought it was lacking.  Just for fun, here's a few extra questions I might have used if I'd been the one to make the original list. 

Cleric of Sune
What's your favorite way of representing a battle?
(In other words, do you prefer Minis/tokens/pennies/M&Ms? On grid/hexes/unmarked map? All in your head?)
I love miniatures - generally I use the prepainted ones WOTC made, but I have great respect for people who paint their own.  And a standard gridded map is great, but bonus points if you build something three dimensional.

What is your favorite miniature?
The Cleric of Sune (Unhallowed #15).  Several of my characters have been female redheads, so I've probably use this mini more often than most.  Most significantly I used this one for Aria Thatcher in the Scarred Lands campaign.  Some of my possible future characters also fit this description.

Dungeon Tiles
What are your favorite dungeon tiles/maps?
I really like some of the later Dungeon Tiles WOTC put out, that had the three dimensional elements to them.  Granted, I was already doing three-dimensional things to my Dungeon Tiles before WOTC started doing it.  I love adding little props like furniture and other details.  But that gets expensive and time-consuming.

Of course I'd really like some Dwarven Forge playsets, but I'll never be able to afford any of them.  Terraclips are nice too.  If I had unlimited money, these things would be all over my house.

What is your favorite non-d20 (weapon/magic) die? 
d4, because they're the easiest to identify by stepping on them.

What is your favorite game-breaking exploit or overpowered build?
Well, I've never seen the point in cheating, but it's still fun to read about uber-powerful feat/spell combinations powergamers have come up with.  I remember people complaining about 4e's "Frostcheese" for years, and the pre-nerf Blade Cascade was pretty neat.  About the funniest one I've heard of is the Locate City bomb.

But while I'm not much of a powergamer at the table, I do enjoy overpowered builds in the video games.  I remember some NeverWinter Nights servers banned things like the "Tenser's Transformation" spell and the "Weaponmaster" prestige class.  I once built a Halfling Weaponmaster who dual-wielded keen kukris (and it takes a LOT of feats to pull that off).  Her normal damage wasn't that scary, but she usually critted several times per round.  Add in all the crit feats (Improved Critical, Overwhelming Critical, Devastating Critical) and most of her foes didn't last long.  Of course, by the time you get all those feats you're at such a high level that most enemies are pushovers anyway, and some enemies are immune to crits... but it's still a fun build.

What's your favorite spell?
I love a ranged at-will, even if it's weak.  I'm especially fond of minion-stompers like the 4e Sorcerer's Blazing Starfall or the Druid's Chill Wind.  Sure, you're not going to do a lot of damage, but you're never helpless.  In NeverWinter Nights I really enjoyed Sound Burst (I played a lot of Bards, and I loved sound-related spells).  Also negative energy ray because it looks like a laser beam.

What's your favorite level/tier?
Mid-range, maybe around level 12.  I have no interest in playing a god, but I've seen so much of the early levels that I'm nearly sick of them.

What was your best "Crowning Moment of Awesome"?
Twice when playing "Living Forgotten Realms" games, I've rolled a crit on a Daily power that killed the session's final boss.  One of the times, it looked like it was going to be a very difficult battle, with a powerful boss and lots of minions.  But in the first round my critted Daily took the boss out, leading the DM to shake his head and say, "I hate you guys."  The encounter was smooth sailing after that.

Not D&D, but a runner up would be in a game of Dungeon Crawl Classics, where we were fighting a giant worm.  My fighter climbed to the top of the monster and held on, hacking away at it's head.  It was a feat of heroism I might not have attempted in an ongoing campaign, but in a one-shot I was a bit more brave.  It really pays off sometimes; that image will stick in my head forever.

What's your favorite fictional character and/or novel set in a D&D universe?
Well, it ain't Drizzt.  The best D&D-related books I've read is the Justicar Trilogy by Paul Kidd.  But my favorite character in a D&D book was probably Majandra the bard in The Tomb of Horrors.

What's your favorite D&D-related comic/webcomic?
Knights of the Dinner Table helped me get into D&D in the first place, so I have to give it to them.  But my current favorite RPG webcomic is Order of the Stick.

Which "type" of gamer are you?  (Powergamer, Roleplayer, Instigator, Explorer etc)
I like to think of myself as a Roleplayer, and yet I often find myself sitting out some of the narrative parts of the session.  It depends on the group I'm in, the character I'm playing, and how comfortable I am.  Really I'm a little bit of everything to some extent, but then, that probably describes most players. 

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
What do you mean?  An African or European swallow?
Huh?  I don't know that!  Aaaaiiiigh!

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