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Praktas - My Campaign World

I'm fleshing out the geography of the campaign I DM. It looks like I'll probably be DMing more often in a few months, so I want to have a solid world to work with. A good deal of this is based on Itropa, the module I built/hosted for Neverwinter Nights. But of course, a good deal of Itropa was based on some earlier stories I'd written. Apparently I was a lot more creative in my youth than I am now. Feel free to steal any ideas you find here, especially the stuff I obviously stole from other sources.

Most of the information in this post would be considered common knowledge to citizens of the area.

Praktas is the name of the region, and Trasa is the name of the city our heroes currently call home. Trasa is on sort of a small peninsula, jutting ever so slightly into the sea. North of town is Koramil Forest. In the West side of Koramil is Kora, home to an elven community. In the East side of Koramil is Mil, home to Halflings and a few Gnomes. East of Mil is Predek's tower, and northeast of that is an area called Silent Hollow. Far to the north are the towns of is Alta and Valos. North of Alta is Fertilund, and north of Fertilund is the Highpeak Mountains. East of Trasa is the Scarred Mountains, and eventually the harsh town of Fist.

The Koramil River runs between Alta and Valos, running south through the Koramil Forest, and passes through the middle of Trasa, where it eventually empties out into the sea on Trasa's south.

Trasa is a large coastal town, and gets a lot of its income from fishing. The Koramil River divides the poor side of town from the wealthy, with the middle class houses and businesses bordering the river itself.

Mayor Dalewood is a good man, but the town only has so much money. While they do pay the guards to stop the most obvious crime, much of the law enforcement is actually done by the Bounty Hunter Guild.

Important Places In Trasa:

West Trasa (Poor side of town):
Blue Acorn (Inn, Tavern, Gambling)
Pleasure Palace (Gambling, Tavern, Arena, Companionship)
Shifty’s Supply Shop (Merchant, Pawn Shop, front for Thieves Guild)
Stew & Spew (Restaurant/Tavern)
Dreg's Shanty (Dockside tavern/seafood restaurant)
Poor houses

Central Trasa:
Arcania (Located inside Arcane Guild)
Birk’s “Everything” Shop (Supplies, Misc)
Bjorn's Bakery
Carts Before Horses
Ellyniel's Apothecary (Located inside Arcane Guild)
Fine Blades (Swords and Daggers; located inside Swordsman's Guild)
Hunter's Cache (Ranged Weapons and Ammo, Located inside Hunting Club)
Just Rope
Krog Nito’s Costume Shop
Philip's Exotic Animals
Quality Armors (Armors and Shields)
Virtuoso Music
Ziza’s Zenzations (Stylish Clothing)
Adventurer's Guild
Arcane Guild
Hunting Club
Swordsman's Guild
The Sisterhood
Bounty Hunter Guild
Haunted Bed & Breakfast
Multi-Denominational Church
Town Hall (Courts, Jail, etc)
Houses, Apartments
Andrik's Teleportation Station

East Trasa (Wealthy):
Dockside Delights (Restaurant)
Guardsman's Guild (Must be member of Town Guard)
Guilded Eagle (Restaurant)
Expensive houses

Other Cities

(2 day horse ride from Trasa)
An Elven city located on the Western side of the Koramil Forest. Most of the citizens are nature lovers who live simple lives, peacefully trade with Trasa and Alta, and guard the Koramil forest from monsters. However, there is a small faction of Kora extremists who despise civilization's encroachment on the forest, and defend nature violently.

Notable locations in Kora:
Kora Bows - Very well-made bows.
Armor Dillo's - Custom-fitted armor, and animal barding.

Mil (Two day horse ride from Trasa)
A small town on the East side of the Koramil Forest. Mil was once an ancient graveyard, until a small band of Halflings (and a few Gnomes) converted the mausoleums into houses.

Notable locations in Mil:
Stuff I Found - A shop whose inventory changes constantly.

(Five day horse ride from Trasa)
Located north of the Koramil Forest, Alta is a very cosmopolitan city, populated by wealthy nobles of all races (but mostly Humans and Eladrin). Citizens of Alta tend to look down on the other nearby cities. Alta has the strictest laws of any city in the region. Within Alta's walls, you must keep your weapons sheathed, and you can not wear helmets or hoods. The town does not allow gambling, prostitution, begging, public drunkenness, or arena fighting. (Actually, they do have a fighting arena, but all the fighters are magically animated golems.) Alta is ruled by Queen Wynnifred.

Notable locations in Alta:
Alta Arcane Acadamy (sometimes called "Triple-A") - A school for those who study magic.
Alta Bardic College (sometimes called "The ABC") - A school for those who study music.
Alta Bath House - Relax, clean up, get a massage.
Fine Armors - One of several stores owned by Darrian Fine. The best place in Alta to buy Armor.
Fine Clothing - Owned by Darrian Fine. Sells stylish outfits.
Fine Grooming - Owned by Darrian Fine. The best place in Alta to get a shave and a haircut.
Fine Weapons - Owned by Darrian Fine. Sells top-quality weapons.
Triple-A Arena - Watch magically animated golems fight. The arena is owned by the Triple-A, and the money earned from the arena goes towards the school. The golems are created by students, who compete to see who can enchant the most powerful golems. (Think of it as a medeival Battlebots.) It is illegal to gamble on the outcome, but a lot of students do it anyway.

(Six day horse ride from Trasa)
To the Northeast of Alta, Valos was once Alta's prison. Though ruled by Lord Teykor Vermon, it remains nearly lawless. Most of the citizens are either starving beggars, or professional bandits. Valos may be home of the crime syndicate known as the "Inner Eye." Valos is also the home of the Darkshade Assassin Guild, an organization whose existence is well-known but never proven.

Notable locations in Valos:
Valos Weapons - Specializes in rogue/assassin weapons.
Valos Armors - Specializes in light armors.

(3 day horse ride from Trasa)
Located in the Scarred Mountains to the East of Trasa, Fist is a very harsh town where might is right and leadership is determined by arena battle. Fist is populated mostly by the hardier races - Orcs, Half-Orcs, Goliaths, Dwarves, Minotaurs, and a few burly humans.

Notable locations in Fist:
Crush's Smashifiers - Sells all types, but specializes in heavy weapons.
Fist Arena - Has minor fighting tournaments every day, and major tournaments to celebrate each 10-day, month, season, and year.

Fertilund (Five day horse ride from Trasa)
Located just north of Alta, Fertilund is a small farming community.

Notable locations in Fertilund:
The Trading Post - Where the farmers of Fertilund go to sell their wares to Alta's grocers.

Notable NPCs
Aaron Cobbler - Poverty-stricken man who sent Tirah and Dorath to find some missing children.
Alana Dillonniel - Female Elf, owner of "Armor Dillo's" in Kora.
Alton Drathiel - Half-Elf. Owner of the "Hunter's Cache", a hunting club and hunting supply store in Trasa.
Andrik Munitae - Male Elf, owns "Andrik's Teleportation Station."
Ardok DuMaj - A wizard who works for the Bounty Hunter Guild. He sometimes teleports Guild Members to other towns for a fee.
Bjorn Wallbanger - Owner/Bartender of the Blue Acorn, a small tavern on Trasa's West side.
Brutemaster Kragg - Captain of the "Stone Army" in Fist.
Captain Caleb Callahan
- Another successful Trasa fisherman.
Captain Credence Horn - Leader of the Alta Guardsman's Guild.
Captain Nathanial Jarran
- A fisherman who gave Drew and Damakos a ride to the Hells Fury island.
Crush Cudgel - Male Half-Orc, owner of "Crush's Smashifiers" in Fist.
Darrian Fine - Male Human, owns several businesses in Alta.
Darrow Lightbeard - High Priest of Moradin.
Darryl "Red" Thatcher - A farmer in Fertilund.
Dreg One-Fist - Aging Half-Orc, owner of run-down dockside bar "Dreg's Shanty". He lost his left hand to a pirate years ago, when he was a sailor.
Eroll Gold - The very charismatic owner of the Pleasure Palace, Trasa's largest tavern/casino/arena/brothel.
Grag Prime Arathnon - Goliath Barbarian, Current ruler of Fist. Fist's leader is chosen by way of an annual fighting tournament. Arathnon has won three years in a row, but fighting enthusiasts say he's slowing down as he gets older.
Hector Goldheart - Cleric of Moradin. He helped Drew and Damakos find and defeat Predek the Necromancer, to cure their vampirism. Hector has burns on one side of his face, from an encounter with a dragon in his youth. This prevents him from growing a full beard, so he shaves the opposite side as well, and wears it like a very long goatee.
Henna - A healer who works for the Bounty Hunter Guild. She is unable to speak, and is a pacifist.
Jordan Darkwynde
- Leader of Bounty Hunter Guild.
Kim Shadowfoot - Female Halfling, leader of Trasa's Thieves Guild.
Krog Nito - Male Half-Orc, owns a costume shop in Trasa.
Kurn Icetooth - A blue-scaled Dragonborn. The Assignment Officer at the Bounty Hunter Guild.
Lord Teykor Vermon - Ruler of Valos, and also rumored to be the leader of the "Inner Eye", a crime syndicate that stretches even as far as Trasa.
Lucre Gold - Famous fighting promoter (and brother of Eroll Gold).
Madeline Starkraven - A crazy ex-pirate who hired Drew and Damakos to find Merea Scorne.
Predek - A Human Necromancer guilty of raising the dead and creating vampires. He was caught by Drew and Damakos, and is currently in Trasa Prison.
Queen Wynnifred - Elf bard, ruler of Alta. She is highly intelligent and very beautiful. While Alta's citizens have a reputation for elitism and snobbery, Queen Wynnifred is actually very generous and compassionate. Was once married to King Parras (human), until he was assassinated. Has a half-elf daughter, "Wyn".
Shifty - Runs "Shifty's Supply Shop", a Trasa pawn shop known for buying potentially stolen goods. Shifty is Trasa's go-to guy for all things of questionable legality.
Trent Dalewood - The kind-hearted but greatly overworked mayor of Trasa.
Wyn - Princess Wynnifred II of Alta. She's a bit of a tomboy, and doesn't enjoy palace life. She often sneaks out disguised as an ordinary citizen named Kya.

Hells Fury:
An all-female pirate crew.
Captain Merea Scorne
(a.k.a. "The Pirate Queen") - Two-blade fighter. She is the leader of the Hells Fury. She was caught by Drew and Damakos, and currently resides in Trasa Prison.
Bruta Graxx - Dwarf Fighter, and Merea's bodyguard. Also captured.
Lyyra Syyr - Human Wizard, and Merea's advisor. Also captured.
Risha Thryst - Human Fighter, and Merea's lieutenant. Also captured.
Callexia Galean - Human Druid, and Merea's assassin. The only prominent member of the Hells Fury who is still at large.

Purple Mildew:
A popular music band that often played in the Pleasure Palace in Trasa.
Jeska Spartan (Lead singer) - Originally Jessiana Cole. She was arrested for setting fire to the Bardic College in Alta. She changed her name and formed the band Purple Mildew. The group became very popular until she was recognized, and she was eventually recovered by the Bounty Hunter Guild.
Todd Klute (Flute Player) - Has black hair.
Rash Decker (Harpist) - Has red hair, plays the miniature harp.
Drak Wilken (Drummer) - Bald, muscular, has lots of tattoos. Dates Jeska.

Fist Arena Fighters:
A few of the fighters often seen in the Fist Arena.
Brax "The Axe" Clovenhoof - An aging male Minotaur.
Travok Ballpeen - Male Dwarf.
Killian Krag - Male Goliath.
Orsik Cojones - Male Orc.
Tarn Gulag - Male Half-Orc with pet lizard.
Kren Starblaze - Male Dragonborn, young.
Mordik Morte - Male Human.
Rendar the Great - Male Human.
Krista Treehaven - Female Elf with pet tiger.
Skar Redscale - Female Dragonborn, killed in the ring by Throk One-Tusk.
Scrag Trakken - Male Dragonborn.
Glug Darkhammer - Male Dwarf.
Kirin Skeen - Female Goliath.

Kathernius - Young male Black Dragon.
Nyrithia - Young female Silver Dragon.

Bounties (Recovered):
Some of the criminals already recovered by the players.

Alas Mek - An Alta wizard whose consciousness was transferred into the body of an Iron Golem.
Jeska Spartan - See "Purple Mildew" above.
Skyrene Linnealinae - Wanted for taking her love of animal rights too far, this elf is wanted for killing hunters.
Throk One-Tusk - A former Trasa guard who was wanted for stealing an expensive item.
Victoria Vixen - A seductress who used her magical charms to aid her in her crimes. She was later revealed to be a succubus in disguise.

Bounties (at Large):
Here's a few of the criminals currently at large, whom the players will pursue in future sessions. Note that this is just an idea bank, the characters might change a bit before they make it into an actual session. To avoid spoilers, I'm only posting information the bounty hunters might have access to when signing up for the bounty.

Andar Thresh - Just a small-time thug.
Analon Leebo - Professional Hitman, expert at poisons.
Astral - High priestess of Tiamat.
Dante Bloodscale - Another Disciple of Tiamat.
Broono Grum - Former member of the Bounty Hunter Guild, expelled for carrion hunting.
Chane Tonson - Demolitions expert.
Dibny Kestil - Gnome bard, uses laughing spells to commit crimes.
Felinia Nulelve'tner - Cat-loving cat burglar.
Gar - Lizardfolk assassin.
Glognar Elgen - Dwarven miner who used his tunneling skills for crime.
Gludge - Disease-ridden victim of a transmutation spell gone wrong.
Kama Kur - Former member of the Hells Fury.
Khan Carne - Wanted for cannibalism.
Krimson Vize - A Swordmage.
Lilith de Fang - Death obsessed woman, possibly a dabbler of Necromancy.
Obsidia Pitch - A very stealthy Drow assassin.
Riith - A mysterious Assassin.
Rusty Krosion - Master of rust.
Sullax - Insane magic user, who specializes in mental spells.
Thaco Arclas - Possibly the world's greatest expert in armors.
Timmy the Tot - Halfling who pretends to be a human boy to aid in his cons.
Ug - A very strong barbarian.
Ursa Oso - Bear-loving mountain man.
Valindra Melin - An environmental extremist who loves despises civilized society.
Vana & Vena Kai - Twin assassins.
Zyx - A shapeshifting thief.
Shok Vrurk - Half-Orc Sorcerer who specializes in lightning spells.

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