Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Scarred Lands - First Session

Game Date: 5/22/2010

The Party:
Gorn (Jesse) - Half-Orc Tempest Fighter
Paige (Leigha) - Half-Elf Sorcerer
Blast (Nick) - Gnome Warlock
Aria (Matt) - Half-Elf Bard

This was our first session of a new campaign. It takes place in the "Scarred Lands" setting, but we're using D&D 4e rules. It is a world recovering from a relatively recent war between gods and titans. Our adventure began in the little village of Trela, where they were holding the Carnival of Flowers.

Slightly reminiscent of the opening of Chrono Trigger, we got to visit the festival and participate in the activities. Gorn fought in a mock duel, Paige ran in a foot race, Blast rode as a jockey in a horse race, and Aria performed in a bardic competition.

Late in the day, a plot hook came riding into town, in the form an injured man who handed Aria a mysterious artifact before passing out. He pleaded with her to deliver the Amphora to Vesh. However, other parties preferred that we deliver the item to the local ruler, a course of action we did not feel was in our best interests.

We soon found ourselves under attack by kobolds (or this setting's equivalent), and shortly thereafter we fled town on a stolen wagon. During our travel we defeated another band of the kobold creatures that we met on the road, and eventually came to a large chasm.

Unnatural storm clouds threatened to follow our wagon, so we sought shelter in the chasm. We took the wagon around a dangerous path to the bottom of the chasm, where rested a small kobold village. Luckily only a few inhabitants were present, but unluckily one of them was a troll. A few rounds later found our cart smashed, our horses slaughtered, our party's blood painting the ground, the party healer stuck in a river, and dark clouds converging overhead. We might not have made it if not for divine intervention.

As things looked their bleakest, a pair of spine devils - servants of the god Chardun - came to our aid, and we soon finished off the rest of our enemies. Badly needing rest and suddenly finding ourselves in a deserted village, we located a safe spot and ended the session for the day.

XP Rewards: 245+200+288= 733 xp each

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