Saturday, January 21, 2012

Unlikely Heroes: Freaks & Geeks

Game Date: 1/21/2012
DM: Rusty

The Party:
Dalia Lockwood (Matt): Human Ardent
Derp DuDerp (Cliff): Half-Elf Bard
Keyanna (Chere): Half-Elf Sorcerer
Marrick (Greg): Dwarf Knight
Starr (Star): Eladrin Paladin
Teddi (Ted):  Dwarf Warlock

The Session:
Having left Teddi and Starr behind, the rest of us were on the road when we were stopped by three men riding dire wolves.  The leader introduced himself as Silas Kreed, and told us we would have to pay him to continue on this road.  Marrick responded with an offer that was part deal, part threat.  "We'll give you 10 gold to stand aside, otherwise we will kill at least one of you.  Even if the rest of you manage to defeat us, is it really worth one of you dying when you could get 10 gold instead?"  The bandits replied that they liked their chances, and the battle began.

The bandits rolled badly for the first couple of rounds, so we got an early advantage.  Nevertheless, it was a tough fight.  We faced both mounts and riders, and our party was incomplete. The bandits turned out to be werewolves, and they were hard hitters.  But we concentrated our fire on Silas until he was down, making the rest a little easier.  We used up all our healing powers and a few Dailies, but we survived.

After this, we decided that splitting the party had been a bad idea.  We turned around, picked up Teddi and Starr, and continued the trek.  In the town of Olfden, we bought horses, making our trip to Falcon's Hollow a bit faster.  Along the way, a few well-rolled heal checks cured Teddi and Dalia of the Moon Frenzy they'd picked up a couple of sessions ago.

Once we reached Falcon's Hollow, we caught up on local events.  Construction had begun on our tower, but it was slow going due to unseasonably cold weather.  We learned that our employee Ralla's former pimp had been harassing her.  Derp met with the sheriff and asked him about Silas Kreed and his relationship to Thuldrin Kreed; it turns out there were rumors that Thuldrin had a brother.  We learned that the mysterious murders (the ones that prompted us to get Jevra out of town) were still happening.  Also, Marrick tried on his ancestral armor for the first time, and heard the voices of his ancestors whispering in his ear.

The next morning it was snowing.  It was unusually early in the year for snowfall, but the town made the most of it and scheduled an ice carnival.  It sounded like fun (or a plot hook), so we all bought tickets.  We also paid the way in for some of the poor children who were begging nearby.  Once we were inside, we split up.  Dalia and Derp went to see the freakshow.  Marrick and Keyanna headed for the ale tent.  Teddi and Starr headed for what appeared to be a large windmill.

At the drinking tent, Marrick set out to sample every possible flavor of ale.  He drank a huge amount of liquor, while Keyanna quaffed more conservatively.  After a while, a drunk lumberjack bumped into Marrick and started insulting him.  It looked like a fight was inevitable until Keyanna calmed them down.

The windmill turned out to be the site of a large spin-the-wheel game.  The barker tried to get Teddi to play, telling him to "Come spin the wheel and prove your strength!"  But Marrick wouldn't bite.  Meanwhile, a man asked Starr to watch his son Justin, and show him a good time at the fair.  Being new to the party, she didn't recognize the man as Thuldrin Kreed.  However, Marrick could see them from the ale tent, and went over to let them know.

At the freakshow, Dalia and Derp saw a tap-dancing dog-faced girl.  Then they saw a fetus-like creature floating in a jar of yellow liquid.  The creature was alive and alert.  They also saw the "Man of 1000 Stiches" (a guy with a lot of battle scars), and "The Human Fish" (a guy who could breathe underwater). 

Teddi and Starr took Justin to the freakshow.  When they saw the fetus creature, Teddi broke the jar and grabbed the creature. He tried to simply walk away, but he was blocked off in all directions.  He headed backstage with his liberated friend.  Starr, Derp, and Dalia followed.

Meanwhile, Marrick and Keyanna checked out a noisy tent that turned out to be the Lumber Consortium's technology trade show.  They looked at a lot of mechanical devices used for cutting lumber.  As a Dwarf, Marrick was impressed by the craftsmanship.  While there, he saw a little girl get her dress caught in a machine.  He pulled her free, breaking the machine in the process.  The employees started to protest, but Marrick aced his Diplomacy roll and ended up having a friendly conversation with them.  He continued to talk shop with them while Keyanna took some of the beggar kids ice skating.

Back at the freakshow, Quinn (the carnival owner) demanded an explanation.  We offered to buy the creature's freedom, and with a high diplomacy roll we ended up paying 100 gold.  The freakshow resumed, and the next act was a musical number featuring two Grimlock Pinheads.  Derp pulled out his instrument and accompanied them.  We then saw a lady sword swallower, followed by a guy who got into a glass box filled with snakes and spiders.  The final act was a hunchbacked giant holding a large sack.  He kept asking audience members to look in his sack.  Teddi stuck stuck his hand in, and was bitten by something.  It turned out to be the giant's (really an Ettin) other head.

We started to walk around the carnival a little more and look at the other games, and decided it was a good time to end the session.

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