Sunday, May 22, 2011

ToEE: Pit Fighters

Game Date: 5/21/2011
DM: Rusty

The Party:
Calla Noble (Matt): Human Knight
Ember (Leigha): Tiefling Wizard
Joanna Winters (Jesse): Human Archer Ranger
Jerry (Nick): Human Cleric
Kossack (Cliff): Minotaur Fighter

The Session:
There's not too much to report; most of this session was simply clearing out more rooms in the temple.  First we heard noises from room A, so we burst open the door and surprised six Ghouls.  The final one opened a door to room B, where two Ghasts joined the party.  Calla came very close to death in this fight.  After the battle we found a treasure chest, which we dragged back to room C (where we had found some prisoners in an earlier session).  We took an extended rest in the cell, and decided to explore the Westernmost hallway.  We saw some bandits coming around the corner at point D, and made short work of them.

Then we went down corridor E, and fought two more Ghasts in room F.  Then we decided to go up hallway G.  Right before the door to room H, we discovered (the hard way) a pit trap.  The pit began filling up with water, as a cover closed over it, sealing a couple of party members inside.  We hacked open a hole in the cover, but that didn't mean our pit problems were over.  Then the door to room H opened, and some bandits started shooting at us.

Ember killed most of the minions with a fire spell, and Calla tried jumping over the pit to finish off the rest.  Unfortunately she fell into the pit, but Kossack helped her out a round later.  Then ten more bandits joined the battle from behind us.  Jerry and Ember went down, while Kossack and Joanna were trying to get out of the trap, and Calla was stuck on the wrong side of the pit with no useful ranged attacks.  For a few rounds things looked pretty grim.  But Kossack finally got out of the pit, threw a healing potion down Jerry's throat, so Jerry could turn around and heal Ember.  The battle didn't last much longer after that.

In room H we found the controls to the pit, as well as to another pit to the South of the room.  We continued to explore, going through corridor I, discovering a secret door (S) that led back to corridor G, and finding a very securely locked door at point J.  We'll have to remember to check that out when we have a thief in the party again.  Finally we checked out room K, where we fought two more Ghouls and a Viper.  After that, we called it a night.

Rewards (As compiled by Nick):
+610xp each

(5/21) Monetary Totals:
PP: 16
GP: 196
SP: 860

(5/21) Monetary share, split between those present this session:
PP: 4
GP: 49
SP: 215

(5/7; Calla, Jerry, Joanna, Ember, Phredd, Inphy, Krusk, Malagar, and Kossack) Party Sack:
SP: 4
CP: 7
Old Cloak 
Boots of Striding (On the corpse of Krusk, next recipient TBD)
Ivory Statue 85       gp

(5/21; Calla, Jerry, Joanna, Ember, and Kossack) Party Sack:
Bronze Medallion 20       gp
Bronze Medallion 20       gp
Brooch (Coat of Arms) 750     gp
Silver Scroll Case 10       gp
Bloodstone 50       gp
Gold chain w/ 3 rubies 10,000 gp
Dirty Ring ???      gp
Magical Large Shield (Fire) ???      gp     Went to Calla
Undead Ward (Ritual Scroll)130     gp     Went to Ember

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