Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ToEE: Campaign Rules

These are Rusty's rules for our ToEE campaign.  I will add to this post as needed.

Character Ground Rules

1. Play the character you want.  Tactics can overcome a lot.

2. If you replace a DEAD character with a new character, you take a -1 Death Penalty for 3 milestones.  If you replace a live character with a new character, you suffer it for 1 milestone as a "bad Karma" penalty by your evil DM.

3.  XP totals go with the player, not the character.  If Kryla dies at 5007 XP and Matt decides to replace her, Matts new character has 5007 XP.

4.  Replacement characters can start with Magic Items in the following ways: 1 Level +1, 1 Level, 1 Level -1 and GP equal to an item of your level.  They all must be common items.

Other House Rules:

1. Crits/Fumbles
We're using the Critical Hit Deck and the Critical Fumble Deck. Since this makes crits a bit overpowered, we're rolling normal damage first (along with the extra damage die from any magical weapons), then applying the crit card to that. Monsters also use the crit and fumble cards. These cards were designed for previous editions, so we're having to convert some effects to make them more 4e-friendly.

2. Absent Players and Companion Characters
In order to keep a consistent party in every session, the DM has built a companion version of each character in the group. This is a one-sheet, slightly less powerful version of the original character, to be played by someone else when the player is absent. Anyone who chooses to play a companion character in addition to their own, gets a small XP bonus. Players who are not here get slightly less XP for the adventure. Generally speaking, your character can not die if you aren't present, so companion characters don't have to make death saves.

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