Sunday, May 29, 2011

ToEE: Pyramid of Earth

Game Date: 5/28/2011
DM: Rusty

The Party:
Artimus (Rick): Revenant Hexblade
Calla Noble (Matt): Human Knight
Ember (Leigha): Tiefling Wizard
Joanna Winters (Jesse): Human Archer Ranger
Jerry (Nick): Human Cleric
Kossack (Cliff): Minotaur Fighter
Malagar (Bryan): Drow Thief

1 square = 10 feet (click to see larger)

The Session:
Last session, we left off taking a short rest in a rather unhygienic kitchen area.  We proceeded to room A, where we found a torture room.  Malagar sneaked ahead, peeking around the corner to see a torturer and a bugbear administering pain to someone chained to a rack.  Also in the room were two cells.  One held a few human prisoners, the other contained a couple of orcs.  Malagar shot the torturer in the back, and the rest of us joined the battle.

The torturer went down pretty quickly, but the bugbear hid behind the torture rack, and actually turned out to be a pretty good sneak for such a large creature.  Unable to see the bugbear on his turn, Malagar unlocked the orc cell while the rest of us finished off the enemy.  Unfortunately for the orc prisoners, Joanna didn't trust them so she executed them.  But we did free the human prisoners and the torture victim.  The guy on the rack turned out to be Rick's new character, a Revenant Hexblade named Artimus (who we like to call "Artie").  We found his gear nearby, and he joined the party.  The human prisoners agreed to follow while we explored a bit more, and we promised to escort them back to town on our next trip.

Next we looked at corridor B, but didn't follow it all the way to the end.  We were more interested in hallway C, which was full of prison cells.  The three cells on the East wall contained huddling people, but they turned out to be fiendish undead.  We killed the ones in the Southernmost cell (like shooting fish in a barrel), but left the rest alone.  In one of the Western cells, we saw a sack with something moving in it.  Due to our justifiable paranoia, we had Ember use Mage Hand to open the sack from a distance.  It held a Gnome named Wonnilon.  He claimed to be a fighter, so we put him in charge of protecting the humans we'd rescued.

We found Wonnilon's gear behind a curtain in corridor D, and then we found a secret door at point E.  In room F we fought three Bugbears.  Artimus won initiative, and with Rick's first attack roll for his new character, he rolled a crit on an Encounter power.  Let's hope that's a good omen.

During the battle, Jerry fumbled twice in the same round.  Then a bugbear grabbed him and used him as a human shield.  Calla rather stupidly attacked the bugbear and ended up dropping Jerry to 0 with her hit.  A few turns later, Ember used a power that would have hit two bugbears, and fumbled both.  Despite all the bad die rolls, we won the battle and revived Jerry.

We found a big hallway at point G, but we were getting antsy so we decided to head back to town.  We took hallway H to see if it connected to some of the hallways we already knew, which it did.  Once we were out of the temple we found that our cart and horses were no longer where we left them.  We let Joanna, our expert tracker, lead us to the culprits.  We found Mother Screng, the herbalist hag from Nulb, tending to our horses and cart.  She claimed to have defeated some bandits who had tried to steal it.  We believed her, and Jerry even apologized for being a jerk to her earlier.  Screng gave Jerry a coin to give to the church of Hommlet.

We headed back to Hommlet, where we heard some details about gnoll attacks to the South.  Joanna got more info from the village druid, while Jerry took the coin to the church and learned more information about the Temple of Elemental Evil.  We headed back to the temple, and went straight to the big hallway at point G.  There we fought five gnolls (2 War Fangs, 3 Deathpledged).  Afterwards we went to the North end of the hallway, and found a big curtain leading to room I.  In the center of this huge room was pyramid made of dirt, which appeared to be some sort of altar.  Four Earth Elementals rose from the ground, but did not immediately attack us.  Kossack poured some flammable oil on the head of one.

When they finally started to move, we attacked the nearest two.  They had a high AC and did some powerful attacks, and we knew we couldn't defeat all four at once.  But during the battle, we noticed something strange.  The two we weren't fighting didn't join the battle, they just kept walking in a pattern.  So, once we killed the two we'd already engaged, we were able to fight the final two one at a time.  It still wasn't easy, but we managed it.  After the battle we opened a chest at the base of the pyramid.  It was full of weapons and other items, all made of bronze.  Then we started digging in the pyramid, and found a lot of loot.  The haul included a major artifact, the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd.

We ended the session in that room.

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