Sunday, May 1, 2011

ToEE: Bloody Pirates!

Game Date: 4/30/2011
DM: Rusty

The Party:
Durbin (Jesse): Dwarf Battlerager Fighter
Jerry (Nick): Human Cleric
Kossack (Cliff): Minotaur Fighter
Krusk (Rick): Half-Orc Monk
Kryla Bloodfang (Matt): Dragonborn Cosmic Sorcerer
Nyx (Bryan): Halfling Thief
Pixie (Leigha): Gnome Wizard

The Session:
The previous session ended after a three hour battle, in which we fought three encounter's worth of monsters.  When tonight's session began, we hadn't yet taken our extended rest.  As we prepared to rest in the Gnoll room (A), the South door burst open and two more Gnolls came in.  Kryla managed to crit one of them, and her crit card turned it into stone.  As the battle continued, an Ogre and one more Gnoll eventually joined the battle.  Once we were finally sure nothing else was coming through the door, we barricaded ourselves into the safest possible area and took an extended rest.

Now fully healed, we explored a bit of the area to the West.  We passed up one door (B) so we could investigate the large hallway to the North (C).  The hallway was full of bones.  Our two stealthiest party members, Nyx and Krusk, each tiptoed down the hall in opposite directions for a better look.  Soon some skeletons rose from the bonepile.  Eight human skeletal minions rose in the West hall, while 6 Gnoll skeletons attacked from the East.  And that door we passed up?  Two Ogres joined the battle from that entrance (B), which meant we were surrounded.

Despite the large number of enemies, it was not a difficult battle.  Kryla managed to take out six of the minions in one hit.  Jerry critted one Gnoll skeleton, and the crit card had it spend a round suffering from uncontrollable laughter.  We managed to take out most of the skeletons early, so we could all concentrate on the Ogres.

After the battle, we went down a few corridors (D), turned back East at an intersection (E), and finally fought a room full of Gnolls (F).  Durbin was the first to enter the room, and one of the Gnolls quickly slammed the door so they could have him all to themselves.  We got the door back open, but due to the confined space it still took a few rounds for all of us to get into the room.  While we were waiting to get in, some Bandits came running from around the corner (G), and started shooting at us.  Kryla once again put down her Blazing Starfall, killing five minions, leaving just one minion and the Bandit Leader.

Meanwhile the rest of the party pushed their way into the room, and fought their way further into the next room (H), where more Gnolls joined the party.  One Gnoll hiding in the corner attempted to drop a net on Durbin, but fumbled.  Kossack went down, but the final hit triggered his Ferocity attack, on which he rolled a crit.  So he got one good hit in before hitting the ground. 

Back in the hallway, Kryla was annoyed at having to mess with the bandits while the rest of the party was having fun elsewhere.  After killing the final minion, she blew her daily on the Bandit Leader, which finished him off so she could rejoin her friends.

In the Gnoll rooms, five more Gnoll Scavengers and a Hobgoblin joined the battle from the North (I).   The Hobgoblin started by casting a spell which made most of our party members attack their own allies.  Nyx's attack hit the recently-healed Kossack, knocking him back down to 0 again. 

As Kryla joined the battle, the Gnoll Scavengers and Hobgoblin were still clustered.  This was the perfect time to try out her newest encounter power, Swirling Stars.  She was a bit hesitant to waste it, because she was still suffering from a condition that gave her a negative to her attack rolls.  But it was worth a shot.  She hit all but one of them, critting one and killing it instantly.  Unfortunately, her one miss was a fumble, and the resulting catastrophe dropped her to 0.

One of Pixie's spells critted on the Hobgoblin, which caused it to temporarily turn into a large-sized creature.  This didn't affect the battle much, but it was interesting to see.  Once we finally killed the Hobgoblin, we healed the fallen and rested some more. 

We explored a few more rooms (J&K) but didn't find much of interest.  Then we went back West and checked a room to the South (L).  Here we found some prisoners chained to the walls.  They were captured merchants, servants, sailors, soldiers, and wives.  We decided to take them back to Nulb.

Back in Nulb, we haggled with some of the merchants we'd rescued.  They seemed genuinely interested in cutting us a good deal on some of our loot, but they just didn't have the funds to pay us much.  While we discussed it, one of the sailors wandered off.

Durbin was suspicious of the sailor, and tried to find him.  Failing that, he went to the docks to ask around.  He found some pirates and started throwing his weight around.  He managed to offend them (imagine that), and he was attacked by an angry pirate mob.  As Durbin continued to harass them, some of his gold was stolen, angering him even more.  The rest of the party eventually joined him, but they didn't want to take sides on this one.  Remember, they don't know Durbin that well yet, and we're trying not to draw too much attention to the party.

Once we finally convinced Durbin to drop the subject (though he still promises to come back in a few levels to kick some pirate ass), we decided to head back to Hommlet.  We're hoping to get more gold for our loot, and maybe buy some magic items that aren't available in Nulb.

Jesse is currently considering switching characters.  After Ashira's death, Jesse built Durbin because he felt we needed another Defender.  However, it wasn't what he really wanted to play.  I have offered to switch to a Defender so that he can play something else for a while.  If it happens, I'm looking forward to the change of pace.  I haven't played a lot of durable front line characters, so it should be pretty exciting. 

Bryan is also wanting a different character.  He's the only one in the party who didn't get to pick his own character, and he's never been a big fan of halflings.  But he might wait and see how long Nyx survives before he changes to something else.

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