Thursday, September 12, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge - Day 12 - Favorite Dungeon Type/Location

Note - This post is part of the 30 Day D&D Challenge.

Day 12 - Favorite Dungeon Type/Location

Typically, whichever one I'm currently in.  I do have a slight preference for traditional dungeon crawls, but only because it took so long for me to get in one.  The first D&D campaign I played in, while an excellent campaign, never had any dungeons in it.  As a new player, I was itching to get into my first dungeon and fight my first dragon, but it would be a long time before I experienced either.

When running a game, a lot of my dungeons seem to be of the "abandoned lab" variety.  Players find an old, usually underground research facility, which is still populated by the weird experiments of a long-dead scientist.  "Zombie Cyborgs from Outer Space" is a prime example, but "Death By Chocolate" also has elements of this trope, as do several areas in my old NeverWinter Nights module, Itropa.

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