Monday, September 16, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge - Day 16 - Favorite Monster (Aberration)

Note - This post is part of the 30 Day D&D Challenge.

Day 16 - Favorite Monster (Aberration)

The next few questions are a little difficult because different editions have different ideas of what monsters qualify as Aberrations or Outsiders or just plain ol' animals.  But hey, my blog, my rules.

The Rust Monster holds a special place in my heart.  There's an old story that Gary Gygax stole the design of the Rust Monster from a cheap plastic toy.  Long before I liked D&D, I used to have one of those toys.  I called it a Clodhopper, and one of my Star Wars figures kept it as a pet.  The first time I saw a picture of one in a D&D Monster Manual, the first thing I thought was, "Hey!  I used to have a toy of that!"

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